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The trend of cosmetic surgery is increasing rapidly, as people are no longer afraid to modify their bodies. Getting yourself fixed isn’t a taboo anymore.  According to different studies. only the number of people opting for different cosmetic procedures both surgical and non-surgical in UAE has increased over the past couple of years. Because of this, the number of people opting for Ultherapy in Dubai is rising day by day.

Not only women but men also are getting these procedures for modifying their bodies. Some of the most common cosmetic procedures that people get are:


Liposuction is the surgical procedure, using which a surgeon removes excessive fats from your body. There are commonly two types of liposuction i.e. tumescent and ultrasonic-assisted liposuction. The former procedure is more common and it involves injection of saline fluid and a numbing agent in the patient’s body. The areas from where surgeons need to suck fats are injected with saline solution and then this liquid is sucked out along with the excessive fats.

In the latter, Ultrasound energy is used to melt the fats and then the surgeon sucks these excessive fats out of the patient’s body. This procedure is lengthier and riskier than the first one.  

Breast Augmentation:

Breast enhancement surgeries are a common cosmetic procedure in women. Breast augmentation is the surgical procedure using which a woman can increase the size of their breast. People can go for this treatment for various reasons such as making both breasts the same size or replacing breasts. A common type of Breast augmentation is the Silicone Implants. Only during 2018 12% women opted for silicone implants. After getting this treatment, people can get back to their normal routines after taking a rest for one to two weeks.  

Treatment for Gynecomastia:

Some males have excessive amounts of breast tissues. This can be because of a disease gynecomastia, which causes excessive tissue growth in the breasts. Some men may experience excessive tissue growth in their breasts after consuming steroids or marijuana. These conditions can be rectified after getting treatment of breast reduction surgery. This surgery is usually accompanied with excessive skin removal surgery in men who have extra large breasts. The scars of this surgery are not noticeable as the surgeons make the incision near the nipples so it’s visible and fades away with time.  


Got puffy eyes or have too much skin on your eyelids? No issues, with blepharoplasty you can easily fix and reshape your eyelids like you want to. During this procedure, wrinkles or chronic puffiness under lower eyelids are usually reduced to give the patient a more youthful appearance. You can also get the fat bags from under your eyes removed through this procedure.


Rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the most common plastic surgeries that people get. As per a report, the majority of the teenage American girls want to get it or have already performed it. Likewise, the trend of getting nose modification surgeries is increasing the Gulf and as a result medical tourism is booming in Dubai. Through nose jobs people can modify the shape and structure of their nose. You can easily get nostril enhancements, bridge correction, shaping of nose tip and other modifications to your nose through rhinoplasty.   


Abdominoplasty commonly known as tummy tuck is a procedure carried out on people having excessive skin in their abdominal area. Mostly women who have excess skin after their pregnancy get this procedure. Sometimes, people who drastically lose weight need this surgery as their excessive skin hangs from their abdomen. Patients who get this surgery normally resume their physical activities in 2-3 weeks.  


Rhytidectomy is the surgical procedure of face lifting. Using this method your surgeon can remove wrinkles and sagging skin that are a result of aging. After getting this treatment the skin of your face tightens and you appear more youthful. People opting for rhytidectomy usually combine it with forehead lift or eyelid shaping.   


Ultherapy or Facelift is one of those non-surgical procedures that are gaining momentum these days. It is a non-invasive procedure that helps in boosting collagen and elastin growth in your skin making you look younger. During this procedure Ultrasound waves are used to reduce your signs of aging by tightening your skin & removing wrinkles.    

Wrinkle Removal:

Wrinkles are definitely the tell-tales that can instantly giveaway your age. Therefore, getting rid of them is one of the top reasons why UAE women opt for plastic surgery in Dubai. As you can easily find some of the best anti-wrinkle procedures here. The most popular wrinkle removal technique is Botox. Injecting Botox can provide temporary relief from the signs of aging and makes you appear younger.


Cosmetic Filler are non-surgical procedures through which one can get rid of the signs of aging. Fillers are injectable chemicals like collagen that your surgeon injects directly into the problematic areas having wrinkles or folds. The results of fillers can last up to 9 months or longer depending upon the chemical injected. Fillers are one of the most common cosmetic procedures that people living in the UAE perform.

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