Cool Fashion Tips For Trendy Teenagers


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When you are a teenager, things can be quite confusing. This is especially the case when referring to fashion and style. You should never just try to fit in. Everything is about being a true individual. As a teenager, you do want to stand out and you need to pick clothes that match your personality. Fortunately, nowadays, there are countless available opportunities. You can even pick your very own designs and print your shirts alone thanks to services like

If you want to be stylish, you need to dress in a cool way. The following tips will help you to do just that during teen years, when everything seems to be confusing.

Add Colorful Layerings

No matter the age group, layering is always very hot. As a teenager, you can easily enjoy wearing every single color you want. They are never too much since anyone already expects you to be colourful. You can easily try a really colourful vest that can be styled with a colourful shirt. Then, just add a matching jacket. Pair everything with sneakers and denims. If you feel like it, add a stylish colourful cross body bag.

Winter Color Matching

During winter, you also want to add some color to your wardrobe. The trick is to make it as vibrant as you can while maintaining some structure. Pair 2 outfit items with your favorite color. For instance, you can wear a teal woollen scarf with a teal woollen cap. Everything else can remain neutral or you can use lighter tones. By doing this, you keep focus on the clothes that are color coordinated. You can also go for the classic white shirt with basic denims. These are always great as a teenager and nobody will have a problem with the combination.

Consider A Stripped Simple Crop Top

Right now, crop tops are hot for teenagers. They bring a huge bang even for adults. As a teenager, consider a crop top with neutral tone stripes, like white or black. Pair that with denims. You want to keep your focus right on the top area. In order to do this, keep makeup or accessories at a true minimum. You do not want to overdo it.

Don’t Forget About The Simple Vest

A basic vest is always an accessory that you need to have in your teenage wardrobe. For instance, one that is white can easily help you to coordinate other clothes without worrying too much about the result. Combine the white vest with a nice pair of blue denim. Complete the look with tie-on bright sneakers.

It is possible to use numerous accessories with the simple vest, allowing you to get the layered effect that was mentioned above. When you choose this look as a teen, another layer can always be added, like through adding a shirt, a jacket, a tee or a scarf.

The Blue Denim Jacket

The classic denim jacket is another item that you need in your wardrobe. Choose one that is blue since it helps you to easily combine with other clothes. A fitted jacket is always nice but you can also choose one that is a little bigger than what you normally wear. Both of these can easily be paired up with some other clothes for a wonderful look. Your denim jacket can be worn over a top and skirt combination, a vest, a dress or just combine with other denim items. It even works really well if you have to wear some formal attire.

You Need Trendy Glasses

When it comes to glasses, it is so easy to make a true fashion statement, especially with the trendy chunky and big frames that are really popular these days. When you use glasses you can easily create the look that you desire. Choose a pair that is the same color as other clothes you wear or something totally different. Try to go for really vibrant colors since they can easily brighten up even really plain looks. Glasses can be utilized with both casual and formal wears.

Stockings And Shorts

Most teenagers love wearing shorts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as you can definitely make a fashion statement using them. You want to dress up by using simple denim shorts and combining them with stockings (preferably netted). You can team up everything with white crop tops and tie-on sneakers. If you want to get an edgy appearance, add aviators and a fancy cap.

Wear Arm Accessories

Last but not least, you really want to style the arm with appropriate accessories whenever you want to make a really big statement. There are countless options available, ranging from feminine bangles to rugged chunky bracelets. Think about what look you want and choose wonderful accessories that perfectly complement your appearance. If you want to have your arm as the highlight, be sure that you do not overdo it with the rest of the accessories.

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