Comprehensive and Best Treatment for Brain Tumour in India at Affordable Price


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Brain Tumour is defined as an abnormal mass of tissue where some cells grow and multiply abnormally because of lack of mechanisms that control the regular cell growth. This abnormal growth takes space within the skull vault or brain and interferes the usual brain activities. The brain tumour can prove to be fatal as it may cause extreme pressure in the brain, leading to the condition of being brain dead. It may also shift the brain or pushing the brain against the skull while damaging the healthy brain tissues. The location and size of the tumour affects the types of symptoms that the patient would experience.

Early diagnosis of the brain tumour can be treated now, especially if it is diagnosed in the first stage. New and advanced technologies have been launched in medical science, which makes treatment of brain tumour possible. The Best Treatment for Brain Tumour in India is decided based on the location, size, and type of tumour. The treatment for brain tumour includes surgery and radiotherapy, and it can be either individual treatment plan or a combination procedure.

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What is the Best Treatment for Brain Tumour in India?

  • Brain Tumour Surgery – Brain tumour surgery is the surgery that involves removal of the tumour along with other healthy tissues surrounding the tumour. The surgical procedure can provide relief from the neurological symptoms and hence, it is considered to be the effective and Best Treatment for Brain Tumour in India. The traditional surgical procedure for a brain tumour is referred to as Craniotomy, and it involves removal of a part of the skull to remove the brain tumour. The opening of the skull is covered using bone taken from the patient’s body. Due to advancement in technology, surgeons are capable of performing minimally invasive brain tumour surgery. Surgeons use cortical mapping and imaging-guided methods to find the location of the tumour and conduct the surgical procedure after careful planning.
  • Chemotherapy – This is another effective treatment procedure for a brain tumour that involves usage of drugs to kill and destroy the cancerous cells in the brain. Drugs are administered either orally or intravenously. The therapy is usually prescribed after surgery or radiotherapy.
  • Radiation Therapy – This is the radiotherapy which aims to destroy the cancerous cells in the brain simply by emitting highly energetic x-rays. The therapy is prescribed post surgery or in a combination of chemotherapy.
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How Much is the Cost of Brain Tumour Treatment in India?

A large number of foreign patients visit India every year to avail the Best Treatment for Brain Tumour in India. Patients are attracted not only because of world-class medical facilities, advanced treatment procedures, optimal patient care and experienced surgeons but also for the low-cost surgical procedure for a brain tumour in India.

In comparison to other nations, the total Brain Tumour Treatment Cost in India ranges from $4500 to $7500, which is relatively lower.

Final Thoughts!

India is highly preferred by foreign patients today when it comes to seeking Best Tumour Treatment. The hospitals and surgeons in India ensure to deliver world-class treatment options with optimal patients care at affordable rates.

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