Common Health Issues in Rottweiler Dogs


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If you own a Rottweiler or are thinking of buying one, you should know about the common health problems that happen to this breed. Rottweilers may look rugged and powerful, but when it comes to health problems, they tend to experience. Below are the common health problems faced by the Rottweiler breed.

Sub- Aortic Stenosis

This is due to the genetic factor. This problem is due to a structural defect where additional tissue prevents the heart from pumping the blood as it is supposed to, therefore working harder than necessary. Some breeders are now heart testing their breeding animals through the BVA scheme; it is a quick and painless test that is done by a qualified cardiologist Vet.

Hip Dysplasia 

It is the most common genetic orthopedic disease in Rottweiler dogs. It causes tender to severe changes to the inner workings of the hip joint. More exclusively, Hip Dysplasia happens when the femoral head (the ball portion of the femur) and the acetabulum (the pelvis’s hip socket) line up poorly and are unable to provide the smooth movement of a pet needs for a lifetime of weight-bearing and normal wear and tear. This disease is awful and expensive to treat, and one or both hips may be involved, but it is preventable. 

Elbow Dysplasia

It is a malformation of the elbow. Just as with hip dysplasia, the orthopedic can certify popular dogs breeds in India for elbow dysplasia on a pass or fail basis. The responsible breeder can test their breeding specimens for this disorder as well. 

Eye disorder

This disorder defects both Entropion (rolling of eyelids inward) and Ectropion (rolling of eyelids outward). Other conditions are progressive Retinal Atrophy and cataracts. Board-Certified ophthalmologists can screen for genetic eye disorders.   


As with any other deep-chested dogs, Rottweiler dog breeds may be susceptible to develop bloat, a life-threatening situation where the stomach swells due to the presence of gas or fluids. Rottweilers may develop bloat from overeating, drinking water after exhausting exercise.


Unfortunately, bone cancers (osteosarcomas) are becoming common in this breed. Osteosarcoma is dangerous, which sadly represents a fatal progressive condition in most of these breeds. These tumors can arise in the bones of a skull, in the nasal cavity, jawbone, ribs, and hip bones. 


Rottweilers are vulnerable to bacterial or viral infections, such as parvo, rabies, and distemper. Many of these infections can be prevented through vaccination.


Obesity can be a significant health problem in Rottweilers. This disease is very serious that may worsen joint problems, metabolic and digestive disorders, back pain, and heart disease. 

Dental problems

It is the most common chronic problem in pets. Unfortunately, Rottweilers are likely to have problems with their teeth. It starts with tartar build-up on the teeth and progress to infection of the gums and roots of the teeth. If you don’t treat this dental disease, your Rottweiler may lose its teeth and be in damage to its kidneys, liver, heart, and joints. 

Rottweiler dog breed price in India

Rottweiler puppies are available all over India and sell for Rs7000 to Rs20,000. The price can go up higher depending on the import heritage or if you go for 100% breed. Rottweiler price in India is based on quality, health, and appearance.

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