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Motherhood. It is amazing how one word can open a pandora of emotions. Especially, if you are a first-time mother, it can feel overwhelming after 9 whole months of a little being growing in you and the welcome of the child followed by life after. The journey of pregnancy itself starts with a reeling from morning sickness all the way till physical changes you never expected your body could undergo. Once the pregnancy journey is complete, a new life is born with further expectations from your body and mind to perform as if nothing ever happened. Here is a little life, completely reliant on you. You obviously want to be safe, healthy and enjoy this ride called motherhood. Your best friend during these times?Sleep and the perfect mattress.

Almost all mothers globally will agree, the biggest challenge during pregnancy is the ability to get a good night’s sleep. With the numerous changes taking place within, our body tries to adjust to the new signals. The first trimester, for example, is the stage where there is a lot of pressure on the uterus wall as the fertilized egg grows. This combined with an increase in progesterone levels, pushes the mother to wake up frequently to urinate. It is also a known fact that bladder pressure can cause lucid dreaming. As pregnant mothers progress to the end of the first trimester, they’ve already gone through nausea, cramping, sore breasts,  fatigue, etc. All these factors have actively contributed to women losing their sleep at night- sometimes even leading to insomnia. The next two trimesters bring in a set of other changes that contribute to restless sleep like heartburns, headaches, shortness of breath, etc.

Our bodies go through so many cycles of changes. It’s important to ensure it gets back in its original health after such a big event. Sleep is considered the one activity that ensures body cells are repaired and restored owing to the damages that have occurred during the day. Sleep is also a necessity for pregnant women to maintain blood pressure levels, protects the baby from psychological stresses and strains related to pregnancy. Pregnant women are recommended to get at least six hours of undisturbed sleep, therefore, it’s important to invest in a mattress for pregnant women as early into the pregnancy as possible to establish a healthy sleep pattern. This along with maternity pillows must provide support to the pregnant woman to relieve pressure off the hips making it easier to fall asleep.

Investing in a good mattress has proven to relieve people of chronic back, neck, shoulder and hip pains allowing them a restful undisturbed sleep. Mattress manufacturers, like Wakefit, spend a lot of time researching what constitutes a good night’s sleep and what materials help. Memory foam mattresses are regarded as a true companion to any sleeper regardless of size. Unlike coiled mattresses, these don’t spring your weight back, instead, gracefully distribute your weight providing optimal support to the whole body. Pregnancy can toss your body shape off the roof making it hard to rest in a comfortable position. The best firm mattress for pregnant women is one that has medium-firm levels with a breathable fabric to avoid sweaty nights. Its key feature is the ability to contour the sleeper’s body weight making it feel like a cloud to sleep on with no motion transfer.

Motherhood is a memorable phase of every woman but it can do a number of things to our back and our whole body. Make your own mattress your daily physical therapy by investing in orthopedic memory foam mattress that supports you during and after pregnancy.

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