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College time is the ideal and most memorable time of every student life, but on the other side, high school life is unique and different from college life. They both are parallel from each other. College life gives students a sense of freedom or they can do what they want. High school life is very responsible and academically good for all students.

College life and high school life is completely changed from each other in many ways. In this article, the discussion is based on what difference found in college life and high school in term form social aspect.

More Freedom

College and high school life totally change opposite in term of freedom. When you were in high school you teachers and parents are expected from you to follow schools rules and regulations. In high school, you are legally obliged to go to school daily and do not have appeared intention to miss school classes.  In high schools teachers only accept your leave when you really sick or have a family emergency. In high schools you take permission before leave and if you absence without any notice school will call your parents.

On the other side in college, this case does not actually happen. If you want to wake up in the morning and feel lazy or want to take off from the college than you can. There are few professors who more strict toward attendance but usually are not. Even if student miss the class continuously professor after that kicked off you from class but do not call your parents for any legal obligation.

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Such type of freedom in college may become problematic for students regarding their academic life. As there is always drawbacks of all such freedom. In college life, students become more social due to which they unable to balance study time and social gathering.

Students with their college mates spend the whole night in the club and sleep in the morning due to which they miss college lectures too much. They unable to control their freedom that increases in college life. So discipline is very important to get success in your college life.

Increased Social Opportunities

If you complete your high school and want to get the further education you take admission in college. Sometimes college is far away from home due to which students utilized hostile that is near to their college. So prepare your mind that you share your room with roommate either you live in dorms, apartment or house. There is much time to happen that your roommates will force you and other students to become more social as they are and become the barrier to such students’ academic life. Living with a roommate is the starting of social life. In high school, there are schools events and activities but in college, it is totally the opposite.

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High School vs. College: Your Social Life

Balancing the social life with academic life is difficult especially in college is compared to high school. Student face problem in academic college life because in high schools parents support them to complete their work and project assignments. But when students come into college life parents are supposed that they become mature and now they don’t rely on their parent’s instruction, rules, and motivation.

Being as a college student, students are very socially overwhelming, there are a series of weekend activities and evening parties are open for them. In college life, there are events, activities, parties, and club but in high schools, all these things are considered very immature or worst habits that spoil students. Many students do not explore these things in high school life due to which they are more concern to discover these things such as parties, club etc.  Due to exploring these things they become so much involved which result in neglecting their academic life. It is good to take advantage of the new surrounding and make new friends but at the same time, students manage their time in such a way so that they properly concentrate on their study.

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Fewer Tests and Homework Assignments

In the high school on regular basic teachers give students a brief homework Assignment Help and very few weeks there is an exam or test season starts.  But it college it does not actually happen that makes students more excited and relax. It is very unusual to get dairy in college only tests will be conducted on the semester basis. But hold on, it does not mean that college life is like a cool breeze. Students face problem in academic life during college years because they feel are free and not allow anyone to bother in their life and let them do whatever they want. Social gathering, social friends and the happy social life they want in the college life which they suffer a lot in the future.

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