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If you have started searching the internet for cannabis oil, you must have noticed that you are being flooded with information. That’s not handy. That is why we at CBD oil shop want to give you the correct information about cannabis oil; we are also the online webshop for CBD supplements. There are many oils that are being discussed online, cannabis oil, better known as CBD oil and also known as hemp oil or organic hemp oil. We also know cannabis oil, or THC oil. But what exactly is this cannabis oil? We can tell you exactly.

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabidiol UK oil is the collective name for all types of oils that come from the cannabis plant. This cannabis plants no less than 104 Different substances, and two of those substances are the well-known and wildly popular cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). So check out our CBD oil range.

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The active substances of cannabis oil

The tiny hairs on the cannabis plant are responsible for the secretion of a resinous fluid containing the active substances contained in the oil. The active substances of the cannabis plant are therefore in the cannabinoids; according to the cannabis oil. In addition to the oil (and THC), the cannabis plant also contains around 70 other cannabinoids, so there is a lot to gain from it. But all these cannabinoids are very similar to cannabis oil (and THC), yet every active ingredient has a different property. A lot of research is therefore being done into whether these cannabinoids can be used for various purposes, just like with this oil. The cannabis plant also contains other active substances, such as ‘terpenes’. Terpenes have various useful properties, so they have a positive influence on the effectiveness of the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

Products have been made for a number of years, with CBD being a prominent ingredient. This product form usually takes the form of drops. Why? Because the CBD drops is by far the most popular form. And why is this most popular form? Because you can easily dose the drops with CBD in it. The drops with CBD in it easily enter your bloodstream because you take them under your tongue (through the mucous membranes), which then works in your body.

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The administration of CBD drops

To take these drops (with CBD in them), we use sublingual administration. Sublingual is an expensive name, and is a form of administration. The CBD drops are dripped under the tongue. Lingua is a Latin word for tongue. When administering these drops with CBD in it is always advised to look in a mirror, so you see the drops fall exactly!

Cannabis oil is legal, what are the benefits?

THC is illegal (and also in several countries), but the cannabis oil variant of the cannabis plant is not! That brings with it a number of advantages, and in addition to being legal: it is not psychoactive so getting high is not possible, you can drive a car while using cannabis oil and you cannot dose yourself.

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