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 Everybody loves chocolate. The sinful aroma of melting chocolates is really hard to ignore. Earlier chocolate was monotonous and boring. But, recent years have changed the picture. Chocolates are now interesting and have more interesting flavours and combos. Here are some happening chocolate trends of recent times-

  • Premium Chocolate

There was always demand premium chocolates. Real lovers of chocolate swear by the quality of cocoa in a choco; ate. People now have more money. So, luxury premium chocolates are not that much luxurious anymore. People now spend to have a bar of good chocolate. The demand for premium chocolate will rise this year.

  • Gluten-Free And Sugar-Free Chocolates

People are now very much health conscious. So, the demands of gluten-free and sugar-free chocolates are on the rise. Chocolatiers now use coconut oil, healthy butter and soy milk or coconut milk instead of regular butter and milk. These chocolates are tasty but are much healthier. Manufacturers now have started to make gluten-free and healthier chocolate gifts basket.

  • Interesting Flavours
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Earlier, chocolates were only of three flavours- black, sweet and white. But now there are different interesting flavours other than these three traditional ones.  You can now find flavours like macha, mocha coffee, mocha, bread and butter, peanut butter, sea salt, salted caramel and other nutty flavours in chocolates. So, your taste buds will get more.

  • Dark Milk Chocolate

Like the slightly bittersweet taste? Then rejoice, you can now enjoy darl milk chocolate. This milk chocolate has nearly 50% cocoa. Hence, it has a richer taste and the feeling of dark chocolate with a tingle of sweetness. Dark milk chocolate will be now

One of the hottest trends according to many chocolatiers who makechocolate giftbaskets the UK.

  • Drinking Chocolate

Originally, chocolate or chocolate was a bitter drink popular among the Mayans. Then chocolate became a bar like sweet treats. Now the liquid drinking chocolates are slowly gaining popularity. There are plain drinking chocolate, cocoa coffee, cocoa tea and other cocoa mix drinks in the market. Choose any one according to your taste.

  • Fruits And Nuts
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Yes, fruits and nuts are still a favourite in case of chocolate. Now people want chocolate-coated berries, chocolate coated nuts and raisins for that sweet indulgence. So, manufacturing companies are making these type of chocolates on a larger scale.

  • Artisanal And Handmade Chocolate

Artisanal chocolates are still favourite. More chocolate lovers now want handmade artisanal chocolates from a small local shop than a big chain. The artisanal chocolates often contain premium raw materials and have better taste.

  • Centre Filled Chocolate

Center filled chocolates are a classic flavour. But there are twists. The fillings have become more interesting. Earlier the fillings were only caramel or nuts. Now the fillings are mango, avocado, chilli etc. Hence, the chocolates have become more adventurous.

These are some of the popular trends in the chocolate industry. These trends are here to stay and are presently favourite among chocolate lovers.

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