10 Child-Friendly Bathroom Design Ideas

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Unlike an en-suite bathroom, organizing, managing, and cleaning a family bathroom is a real hassle. Especially if you have children, whether they are simply visiting the loo or showering with you, those tiny creatures never sit tight, nor do they let the bathroom stay in peace. That’s the reason most family bathrooms remain untidy and cluttered regardless of the size of the bathroom.

But something that matters more than tidying up a cluttered bathroom is your child’s safety. With slippery floors, scalding hot waters, and edgy countertop corners, your little one’s risk getting injured. So, before things go sideways, make sure to have some child-friendly upgrades and improvements in the room. It can also be a bathtub with less height and a toilet that is convenient for a child to use. 

Here are seven child-friendly bathroom design ideas you can adopt in future.

Non-slip Flooring

Slippery flooring remains one of the primary safety concerns for children and the elderly. While gleaning smooth tiles appear elegant, they can put the safety of your loved ones in jeopardy. To make sure they stay safe and standing even when you are not supervising, replace the attractive tiles with non-slip and high-friction flooring. It can be suitable while your kids get in or out of the bathtub. 

Convenient Toilet Flushing

Most toilets installed in modern bathrooms have a tricky flushing mechanism difficult for children to have their way with. While buying a toilet, test out the flush button to make sure it’s smooth enough to be pressed by those tiny delicate hands.

Child-friendly Countertops

The edgy countertops can harm children and injure them when they are not watching. Either curve the corners out or attach soft rubber edges to make them more child friendly. Moreover, if you have a marble or granite countertop that can be easily scratched or stained, apply a coat of protective resin on top to safeguard them for your child’s experiments.

Open Shelving

Instead of hiding the bathroom essentials from your kids in fear of getting soiled or misused, place them on open shelving so children can view everything easily. Since it soothes their interest in the mystery inside closed cabinets, they will have a better chance of leaving your precious items alone. Not to mention, you can inculcate in them the habit of putting everything back in its place.

Upgrade Storage

There’s never enough storage in family bathrooms. A better way to add some additional storage in a bathroom that caters to children is to try installing some cabinets dedicated to your children. Having their cabinet will educate them about organizing their own stuff. While you are at it, consider installing cabinet locks where you can store medicines, scissors, and razors far from their reach.

Protection from Scalding Hot Water

Although you can bear high temperatures, hot water can harm their more-than-delicate skin. Instead of relying on a general water mixer tap, install an anti-scalding device, the tub filler, in place that restricts the flow of hot water after an amiable soothing warm temperature of the water is achieved.

Revamp the Interior Design

While making the bathroom appear welcoming and amiable to children, you’d have to be creative with the interior décor. Start with jazzing up the walls with some bright paints, and add some drawings as well if you have the budget. Hang some family photos to make the space appear livelier. Last but not the least, install some bright, catchy, and cartoon-inspired shower curtains.

Suitable Lighting

Kids may be scared of the dark of a bathroom with fewer lights. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the space is well lit. It becomes even more important if there is no access to natural light. Using the right lighting will help your bathroom give a more clean look. There are many places where you can use the lighting including bathtubs, vanity lighting, recessed, or around a mirror. You should use multiple lights at various places rather than one big powerful light.  

Use a Shallow Bathtub

Bathtubs are great for highly relaxing long soaks. But if you use a double ended or even single ended straight bath that comes in a standard size, it may be risky for the kids. There have been a lot of incidents of babies and kids drowning even in a small amount of water. Therefore, you should use a shallow bathtub for safety reasons. It is a suitable choice for the parents who can take small baths in relatively less depth, while a safer option for your kids. As your kids grow old, they will start bathing on their own with fewer opportunities for slips while getting in us out of the baths. 

Final Thoughts

A standard bathroom can pose various risks for your children. Therefore, it is important that you incorporate some design elements that can help you convert your space into a child friendly bathroom. You will particularly need to focus on keeping them protected from slippery flooring, scalding hot water, bathtubs drawing, etc. You can add a few or all ideas discussed above. 

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