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Are your kids hiding information online? Do they look for explicit contents on purpose? Or did they come across inappropriate content accidentally?  Stay calm and help your kids using the Bit Guardian parental control software for a smartphone!

Kids are growing in a digital era, where inevitably they are surrounded by gadgets 24/7. Technology has definitely boosted kids in many areas of life and learning yet; there are ill effects of digital freedom which kids fail to understand at such an early age. Exposure to inappropriate content is the primary reason for concern of parents.

Parents cannot control content on the internet, and even kids can be controlled up to a certain extent. In this scenario educating kids and implementing specific measures is the last option.

Many parental control apps in the market are available for supporting parents in the right direction of digital parenting considering today’s cyber threats.

What is Inappropriate Content?

Before focusing on the ways to discipline kids about watching inappropriate content, parents need to categorize materials under appropriate or inappropriate. According to certain experts following contents can be classified under inappropriate contents:

  1. Kids are often victimized and targeted in unsupervised anonymous chat rooms apps. These chatrooms used by kids are not safe and practice an unauthorized exchange of data.
  2. Many gambling game apps are unsafe zones for kids. These apps harbor many dubious people and acts.
  3. Adult contents like Pornographic materials can be very disturbing and distracting for kids at such an early age.
  4. Materials containing abusive language are another form of content that should be strictly avoided by kids.
  5. Information leading to violence towards self or others or animals are unsafe for kids. They trigger wrong habits and thoughts in innocent kids.
  6. Information indicating any crime or terrorism can be highly misleading for kids.
  7. Dating apps are not meant for kids and are severely misused by bullies targeting kids.

Do’s and Don’ts for handling kids watching inappropriate content

Parents can come across complains or evidences indicating their kids are investing time in inappropriate content. Will you react? Will you immediately Block apps? No, parents need to respond maturely in such scenarios.

Here are a couple of tips for parents of teens and pre-teens to handle such unforeseen situations:


  1. If you find evidence about inappropriate content with your kids, reassure all facts before accusing them.
  2. If your investigation confirms your doubt, ask your kid calmly if they have been spending time on any such websites or apps. Ask them how did they come across this content.
  3. Give a chance to your kids to explain and ask questions if they have any.
  4. Explain to your kids what is right and what is wrong. Educate them in detail and answer their queries.
  5. Sound very supportive and understanding of your kids. Make sure they do not feel they have committed a crime. Treat this as a simple mistake which cannot be repeated in the future for their safety.
  6. If necessary, you can call for a counselor if you are facing the issue or severe concern with your kid.


  1. A piece of advice – being calm is the key! Shouting or screaming can only make things worse.
  2. Don’t expect your kids to know the difference between right and wrong.
  3. Do not punish them without giving them a last warning.
  4. Don’t threaten to cut out the internet or digital gadgets. It’s important to be a decent digital citizen, not be void of the cyber world.
  5. Avoid causing a scene by calling other members and spreading the news. Keep the information within your purview.
  6. If your kid lies about facts, don’t start yelling. Be calm and poised, while extracting information from your child. Investigate logically instead of shouting and screaming at them.
  7. Do not block apps or web pages immediately. Give your kids the benefit of the doubt and ask them to delete such contents from their device.

What is the last resort for parents?

Well, we understand at times your child can get stubborn and unacceptable for their mistake.

As a parent, you can make all the efforts and yet see your kids crossing the limit. What do you do then?

It is time to take some bold steps and discipline your kids. Install a parental control app like Bit Guardian and discover the benefits.

Be smart and use the screen time controller and app blocker to restrict any inappropriate content on their smartphones. Block apps and restrict apps which leave impressionable and disturbing images in your kid’s mind.

Stop worrying about your kids’ digital life while you take the remote control of their mobile device. Download the Bit Guardian parental control app today and sleep peacefully ever after!

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