Breastfeeding For Mother And Baby’s Health


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Much joy is generally brought about when a mother takes a first look at her newborn as the existence of the life which came through her has ultimately come to fruition. But oftentimes, a mother can be at a loss when it comes to the venture of taking care of her baby as there seems to be a barrage of new scientific procedures and theories which Breastfeeding divert from natural means of catering to her baby’s needs.

When it comes to such matters, however, Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mom and Baby may be reasonable to say that there are many things natural which science simply cannot copy and one of them is the power packed natural food for the baby which is breast milk.

There are basically innumerable reasons why breast feeding is so much better than feeding the baby with a formula. Breast feeding has long been proven to deliver countless health benefits for both the mother and her baby as scientists have discovered that breast milk is still the best food for babies.

Breast feeding remains to be the best measure in nourishing the baby as to date, breast milk has been found to contain close to over 200 compounds that science simply cannot duplicate. Breast milk has natural elements which have been known to help the baby’s immune system mature, fight against infection, support brain growth and aid in digestion which is why breastfeeding still stands as the perfect measure to promote healthy and fortified child development.

Long term benefits are undoubtedly enjoyed by the baby through breast feeding. Through breastfeeding, the newborn will have reduced risks of developing allergies, asthma and obesity. Some forms of childhood cancer can also be warded off when a mother is breastfeeding her baby. Scientists have been constantly learning more about breast milk and breast feeding and the more they learn, the more interesting the data gathered is becoming.

Other than making and keeping the infant healthier, breastfeeding has also been proven to make him brighter as well. Babies who have been breast fed are more apt to be more intelligent than those who have been fed with a formula or other methods.

Every mother should well take into account the significance of breast feeding as it promotes brain nutrient nourishment and supports better brain development. The benefits of breast feeding are just as good for the mother as they are for the baby. When breast feeding, the hormones released by the mother help curb post delivery blood loss.

Other than that, breastfeeding also aids in a speedier restoration of the mother’s uterus back into its normal size. On a long term basis, women who breast feed their babies have reduced risks of developing pre-menopausal breast cancer which generally beset some women prior to reaching the age of 50.

Within three to six months of breast feeding, the benefits will become more apparent and the longer the practice continues, the rewards generally increase and become more satisfying. By all means, breast feeding is the best means for a mother to begin to inculcate the commitment to bring up a healthy and confident child as through it, their bond becomes stronger as well. Let’s start with the Walnuts Nutrition Facts and health benefits of walnuts.

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