BPO Call Center: Directions to measure success!


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Business Process Outsourcing is a rapidly growing industry and has seen a drastic change in the way its functions were performed earlier to how it gives services now. This transition in the business process came with tech-updates and automation taking over, which changed the way BPO companies used to function. This service provider entity excel when it comes to giving outsourced services, however its feasibility when it comes to measuring in-house activities has to be checked. Some critical measurements when monitored well can analyze and determine the effectiveness of BPOs, check out.


Every BPO call center measures itself on overall performance and this has to include internal efficiency. Get your company employees to address the area that they feel needs improvement and you get to know your performance for them, which is essential to give the success card. A business not only requires customer satisfaction but employee efficiency is equally important. Just measuring on ROIs would not bring a clear picture, however, employee satisfaction and the attrition rate is a determining factor too. If your company has a higher number of employees that flee every year, you need to work on building a healthy relationship with your staff, so that they stay back and help you save expenses over hiring and training new joiners.

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Service Level

Call centers have service level as their integral part. It is vital that the employees serve the industry with best outputs, however, the company should also serve its staff in return. Quality scores given by employees offer a good image of success rate a business achieved when it comes to being employee-friendly.

Agent turnover

The agent attrition rate for a business is 20–30% annually. However, if your organization is getting a larger annual attrition rate, stop and check your work tasks’ efficiency. Since, Call center agents are those who contact your business customers, so keeping them motivated, happy, looking after their productive growth, giving stress-free tasks etc. is the duty of the manager. A company should not only look after taking effective services from the employees but also make sure to provide an adequate working environment is also crucial. Just having expectations eventually frustrate the employee after sometime compelling them to switch to other entities for better growth. Therefore, business development is adversely dependable on agent turnover, so if you see an increasing scale in your organizations’ agent attrition rate, it is an alarming situation indicating that you need to keep an eye on your BPO Company’s work environment and employee reviews.

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Process execution

Customers today want on time results and want their queries to be resolved quickly. Therefore, every BPO call center company needs to make sure that its agents are capable enough to handle customer concern swiftly and give results on time. Once there is a parameter, software or an agent to look after this process execution manually, it is easy to get along the results of whether the customer is been handled nicely or not. This eventually brings customer satisfaction and ensures a positive result for the business.

Customer satisfaction

Every service provider company has customer satisfaction as its integral part. These take customer happiness very seriously and so, keeping a check that your partner is happy is essential for business growth. The BPO Company needs to make sure that it gives the best satisfaction to its customers as the better the satisfaction is the enhanced success you can expect. Companies that integrate customer feedback into the call center operation have the opportunity to track their success in the best way possible with adequate outputs.

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