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In this age of digitalization, launching your business on the online platform can take it to great heights. Facebook is a social networking platform with a massive number of users, and there are various WordPress Facebook plugins available to make your official website reach this huge multitude of users.

WordPress Facebook plugins help you in making your website popular and create a powerful online presence in this rigorous competition. This gives you a convenient way to use the obsession of digitalization of the users to socialize with them and build good relationships.

Facebook is necessary for connecting with people and obtaining quality content from them, therefore WordPress Facebook plugins allow you to display these content on your business website to make it saleable.

What do you understand by WordPress Facebook Plugins?

WordPress is one of the best platforms for blogging and websites, it allows you to easily integrate the Facebook content to your website. WordPress plugins or widgets for Facebook are simple tools to embed Facebook feeds to your website, in a few seconds.

Displaying Facebook feeds on your website with the help of WordPress Facebook plugins allows you to attract huge traffic to your website and make it widely known.

Hence, it’s the best way to stay connected with your users and make your brand shine.

Best WordPress Facebook Plugins to make your website!

Waiting for an opportunity to grow your business?

Your wait is over! Get the best WordPress Facebook plugin for your website and excel in your marketing game.

Below given is the list of awesome WordPress Facebook Plugins, for you to choose the best among them for your website.

1. Tagembed WordPress Plugin

Tagembed is the best social media aggregator to make your website look attractive and interactive for the users. It efficiently collects, curates and displays Facebook feeds from various social media channels. It is highly compatible with collecting content from diverse social media platforms. 

Tagembed allows you to display User-Generated Content that is highly relevant, for the visitors of your website. 

Tagembed WordPress Plugin has the ability of content moderation that allows you to eliminate all the irrelevant content so there is no abusive or unauthentic content found on your website. 

Tagembed WordPress Plugin

Tagembed provides you with quick real-time updates and provides it with robust analytics to check the performance of the website, the genre of visitors coming more often and also the hashtags that are working well. It is coding free and easy to use for people with very little technical knowledge.

2. Raffle Press

Raffle Press is a very popular WordPress Facebook plugin for carrying out contests and giveaways. It provides you with the giveaway templates that are very helpful in attracting good traffic to your website.

Raffle Press consists of a drop and down feature to add actions and allot numbers to the entries.

Raffle Press WordPress Plugin

Since you are aware that contest gives the way to huge amounts of likes and engagement, so embedding Facebook feeds through Raffle Press WP Facebook plugin can prove to be very beneficial for you to grow your Facebook page as well as your brand name, consequently.

3. WordPress Social Comments

WordPress Social Comments come with the unique feature that allows the users to comment on your website through their Facebook accounts. It gives users the ability to share their comments on their personal Facebook accounts. This further helps you in bringing a huge mass of visitors to your website without making any extra effort.

WordPress Social Comments

WordPress Social Comments help you to moderate the comments using various Facebook tools, before displaying them on your website. You can choose colour themes, decide the order of the comments, etc. to make your website look interesting.

4. Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro

Smash Balloon is an amazing WordPress plugin to connect your Facebook content to a website in a very efficient manner. It provides you with multiple layout choices and gives you full control over the Facebook feeds. It gives you the option to hide irrelevant content to increase the relevancy of your brand.

Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro

Smash Balloon supports Facebook feeds from distinct locations and boosts the engagement. It makes the website responsive and reliable for visitors.

5. Social Snap

Social Snap is an easy to use WP Facebook plugin that automatically posts feeds on your website. It not only shares the latest Facebook content but also reshares your old content to gain huge traffic. 

Social Snap WordPress Plugin

Social Snap helps you to add links to your Facebook page and increase the visibility of your brand. It also displays the number of followers and serves as social proof.

6. Pixel Cat- Conversion Pixel Manager

Pixel Cat helps you to showcase customized ads to the visitors on your website. It also tracks WooCommerce Customers and shows them better ads on their Facebook feeds. 

Pixel Cat- Conversion Pixel Manager

Pixel Cat permits you in optimizing your ad campaigns, allowing you to add new Facebook pixels to your website very effortlessly. Hence, Pixel Cat makes your website powerful and flexible.

Final words

Facebook has always been the best source to gain huge traffic, thereupon embedding Facebook feeds on your website can give your business a great leap.

You can embed Facebook feeds on your website using the above mentioned WordPress Facebook plugins and can succeed in making your brand come under the limelight and achieve great success.

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