Best 10 Plumbing Tools to Used by Plumbers


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Plumbing tools are the plumber’s most useful friend. Every plumber requires a set of tools in order to work efficiently. So, most of the plumber needs to get acquainted with a number of tools, however, they cannot actually get them all right as tools cost a lot of money. So, you need to know exactly what tools you need to have in your toolbox. The tools that you need to buy as a plumber and learn highly depend on factors such as what kind of plumber you are going to be, what kind of company you are working for, etc. Depending on the requirement you may need residential tools, you may need commercial tools, or you may need bigger tools.

So, if you are worried about buying tools for fixing problems in the house, or need a plumber as fast as possible, we would recommend contacting oceanside plumbing. They have almost every residential as well as commercial tools that you may require with a professional plumber to take care of all of your plumbing problems.

However, if you are someone who has just started as a professional plumber and facing issues in deciding which plumbing tools to choose, then we have the best 10 plumbing tools that a plumber requires.  

1. Levels

One of the first things you are going to need is levels. They are available in a variety of sizes like a nine-inch torpedo, an 18-inch level, etc. However, the best thing to do is buy both of these, as they will be really helpful while doing a rough-in, a top out, or anything similar to that. You want to make sure that things are true plumb and square. So levels are something you are going to want to start out with. So, make sure that you buy these basic tools for your toolbox.

2. Tape Measures Or Stick Roll

Now a stick roll is a pretty old school tool, but as they say old is gold. These old stick rolls really do come in handy and there are certain times and places where you would prefer having a stick roll, over just a normal tape measure. Now, you are going to need this day one, because just about any plumbing that you get into your are going need a tape measure or some other way to measure whether its a piece of pipe, a piece of tube or how far you have to run something in case you are trying to figure something out, and you would wish that you would have bought a tape measure or a stick roll in such cases.

So, a tape measure is something you will definitely need from the beginning, and so you need to make sure that you have a stick roll and a tape measure in your toolbox all the time. Although if you want to save some time you could just choose to have a tape measure.

3. Channel Locks

These are a scissors-like tool that has a pair of blades for cutting. Now, you don’t need the big ones starting out, but you need to make sure that you do have one in your toolbox. In the beginning, you may want to start out with maybe a 10 inch or 12-inch pair of channel locks that will get you started, and that will be great in the beginning. However, as you move forward you probably will need the large ones in certain situations. So, you would have to buy out the big ones at some point, but you are good to go with a pair of 10 or 12-inch channel locks in the beginning.

4. Container Bag

Now, since you have bought such expensive tools, you would probably want to have a nice container bag for these tools. Even a basic container bag could help you carry a number of tools. So, you want to make sure that you have a container bag that could at least carry a number of tools like 12-inch channel locks, a crescent, a pair of needle nose pliers, mini pair of channel locks, end cutter, and a side cutter, etc. A good container also makes it easy to find the tools and you won’t have to spend a lot of time searching your bag for your tools as you only need to look for this bag which is not something you would misplace easily. If you can afford a whole bunch of the tools or a number of different tools at the beginning of your carries, this container becomes a nice little assortment because it gives you a little bit of everything.

Now, we would recommend you invest quite a bit for a container as you would only have to buy it once in years, and also it would help you keep your tools safe and ready to use. Apart from this, there are a few containers that you can wear like a belt and they are really handy when you are working. So, make sure to buy a container bag for your tools.

5. Pipe Wrench

Now this one of the most important and most frequently used tools. This comes in handy when you want to tighten or loosen pipes and fitting. It is pretty much a compulsion for every plumber to have a pipe wrench, so make sure that you have one in your toolbox.

6. Adjustable Wrench

Apart from a regular pipe wrench we would recommend also having an adjustable wrench as you cannot also guess the size of the instalment you may need to work with. It’s not compulsory to have an adjustable wrench, but keeping one will definitely come in handy.

7. Touge And Groove Pliers

Now, this is quite important when you need to actually grab, pull, hold, tighten or loosen or even twist something. They have sharp and rough jaws that will help you maintain an unparalleled grip and over anything. These pairs of tools become necessary in a number of situations.

8. Plunger

We all know about the plunger, one of the most common tools that every plumber needs while working with toilets. It is a must and you need to have a plunger with you at all costs if you actually want to work as a plumber.

9. Hacksaw

Yes, we know you might think that a plumber does not need a hacksaw, they only need to work with taps, pipes, and other accessories, they don’t need to cut anything. However, this is not entirely true, even plumber needs to cut through pipes, and other hardware sometimes.

10. Plumber’s Tape

Plumber tapes or Teflon tape is quite important for completely sealing threaded connections. This is a special tape made up of poly tetra fluoride ethylene, which allows it to meld into the threads and prevent water leakage.

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