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Hulu is one of the most popular platforms to watch series and movies of the moment. However, with so many new platforms, it is increasingly difficult to choose a single service. What is the decision that will lead you to opt for one service or another?

Top Best Movies

Although the price will be one of the key points for many and many users, we believe that the catalog of series and films available will be what leads you to find the best movie on Hulu to watch. For this reason, you will like to know what movies and series you can see on Hulu.

In this article, we have put together our favorite movies from the platform. We’ve also written about the best series available on Hulu.

Best Movies On Hulu

  1. Parasite

Winner of the Oscar for Best Picture in 2020, this Korean movie is a masterpiece from start to finish. Through the story of two families, we appreciate the abysmal class difference in South Korean society.

The poor family will make up what it is not to be able to access the mansion of the rich family working for them. However, they will discover something that will take an incredibly surreal turn.

A drama, with details of thriller and dark humor necessary to tell the world that class differences and classism are much more harmful than it seems.

  1. I want to be like Beckham

This 2002 film made visible a reality that at the time was even less present than in 2020: women in the world of sports. Thanks to I want to be like Beckham, we met Jess, a young woman of Indian origin who dreams, as the title says, of being like Beckham, that is, a professional soccer player.

Her dream will clash with the plans that her parents have prepared for her: that she finishes university and be able to get married. The young woman will meet Juls and join her women’s soccer team. From that moment on, everything will change in Jess’s life.

  1. Zombieland (2009)

The world is no longer what it was: a zombie apocalypse has wiped out more than half the population. Columbus, a young student, is more delighted in this new world than he should be. Throughout the film, he will tell us his golden rules to survive a zombie apocalypse.

The young man will meet other characters (a tough American who dreams of annihilating all zombies or two sisters much more peculiar than they seem). Although zombies are scary, the story is told from humor, a way of approaching the genre that works very well.

  1. Warrior

Warrior, that is, “warrior”, is a story of boxers. The young son of one of the most famous boxers of the moment, he has finished his career despite his alcoholism. It will be then when he returns home and his father begins training him to compete in his first mixed boxing championship.

However, the tension will be palpable when he knows he will have to compete against his older brother.

  1. Columbus

A young man of Korean origin finds himself in a difficult situation: his father is in a coma in the city of Indiana, which is why he will not be able to leave the city. Immersed in that situation, he will meet another young woman who lives a similar world: he also cannot get away from his mother, who suffers from drug addiction.

  1. Spider-Man (2002)

Spider-man chronicles the beginnings of one of the most famous Marvel superheroes of all time. Peter Parker is a young student who also works as a photographer and lives with his uncles in the New York neighborhood of Queens.

His life changes forever when he is bitten by a spider that changes his genetics and turns him into spiderman. The young man will design a suit (which will improve with time) and will decide to become a true superhero.

  1. A Quiet Place

The world is a terrifying place: a group of monstrous creatures is guided by sound to hunt, which is why those who survive have had to learn to be silent. Any small noise can end their lives.

This is the case of the Abbott family, who live in a house far from New York. They will raise their children in silence, teaching them to walk barefoot and to be ultra-quiet. Do check out TheCoreSoft for the latest technology news.


I hope now your query for the best movie on Hulu must be solved. Now take a cup of coffee and enjoy watching these awesome movies.

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