Best Home Remedies For Back Pain


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Back pain can cause havoc in your life, interrupting your schedule and interfering with your plans. However, you cannot just ignore it or wait for it to resolve on its own. There are many things you can try at home, to obtain relief from back pain. Here are a few:

Applying balms, oils, and ointments, to ease pain

You can find plenty of balms, pain rubs, oils, gels, creams, patches, and ointments, that can block the sensation of pain and help you find relief. There are many with ingredients like capsaicin, ketoprofen, ibuprofen, diclofenac, lidocaine, cayenne, comfrey, and Brazilian arnica. Most of these products are available over the counter and work as effectively as oral medications. Nevertheless, there are chances that you might develop skin irritations to certain brands. Hence, it is always advised to do a patch test before using any of these products.

Gentle massaging to loosen up sore and tense muscles.

Massage therapy can work wonders when it comes to loosening your tensed muscles and relieving pain. Not only does a massage reduce back pain, but it also improves your back function and minimized your days in bed. If cost is an issue, you can ask your partner or a close friend to massage your back for you. You can use the medicated ointment in the massage for extra pain relief.

Eating right

You can experience a lot of relief from back pain by avoiding acidic foods. Go on an alkaline diet or try some herbs and supplements such as Devil’s claw or Willow Bark. Nevertheless, it is always better to consult your doctor before consuming any of these herbal medicines. Make sure the doctor knows about the current medication you are on, to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Stretching to improve symptoms

Many with lower back pain find relief in exercising their muscles. A few such exercises include the cobra pose, press-ups, standing backbends, and walking on flat ground. While loosening your tensed muscles, such stretching exercises also strengthen your weak muscles. Make sure you approach each step gently. If any of the stretching exercises are causing strains or damage, stop immediately. Finding a treatment plan is a temporary relief from your back pain; but if you want permanent relief, you will have to address the root cause of the problem that will eliminate any recurrence in the future.

Taking a relaxing Epsom salt bath

Soaking your body in Epsom salt water for about 20 minutes helps in easing sore and tensed back muscles. This can be especially effective to relieve post-workout aches. Make sure the water is warm and not too hot. Apart from relieving your back pain, Epsom salt will also exfoliate your dead skin cells, reduce itchiness, and soften your skin.

If you don’t find relief in any of these treatments, it is better to consult a Rockville chiropractor. Do your homework and book an appointment with a reliable and trustworthy one.

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