Best Exercises For Triceps


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Though a small part of a human arm, still, the triceps have a huge importance in both human anatomy as well as the total look of any arm. Physically, triceps go to support the shoulders and biceps, as well as stabilize them.

There is a common misconception that building bigger biceps will make an arm look attractive, and many neglect the triceps while exercising. The supporting triceps muscles give the arm a complete look. Most important strong shoulders and biceps with weak triceps can be a ready cause of injury also.

Best Exercises For Triceps

Lying Triceps Extension

In lying triceps extension, grip the barbell with a close grip. The perfect grip for the exercise is less than the length of the shoulder. After that lie on the bench and put the feet firmly on the floor and extend the arms above the head. The elbows should be tucked tightly during the exercise.

After that, the weight has to be moved back slightly and try to touch just above the forehead. Keep the weight there for two seconds and then put the weight back to its initial position. The exercise has to be performed for 3 to 5 sets. You can use spydialer to get information of anyone.


Triceps Dip

One of the most important triceps and chest building exercise is the triceps dip. Get a good, strong grip on the triceps dip bar. After that, take the legs off from the step and put the whole weight of the body on the arms and try to lean as forward as it is possible.

After that slowly lower the body and level the lower part of the chest with the hands and push the body back to its earlier pose. 2 to 4 sets are required in every triceps workout. During the exercise, the elbows should not get locked as it goes to take the basic strain of the muscle.


Triceps Extension

One of the most popular isolation exercises, the triceps extension has several variations. Generally speaking, most of the muscle-building exercises employ some form of triceps extension during the exercise. A cable machine, any type of straight or EZ bars are needed to do a proper triceps extension exercise.

One has to face down and after that grip the bar. The palms will be placed just within the width of the shoulder. The bar should be pulled in a way so that the forearms should stay parallel to the floor. The elbows should be tucked in and arms have to be straightened.

After lifting the weight, slow down the weight back until the forearms are sent back to its initial position. One has to keep in mind that the weight must not go much higher and the elbows have to be tucked in so that the arm can be extended.

Triceps Kickback

In the exercise, grab one dumbbell in one hand and rest the knee on another bench. The elbow should be pointed upwards while the dumbbell should be hanging.

After that slowly extend the arm that is holding the dumbbell until the arm is completely straight. Pause for a second and then slowly bring the arm back to the initial position. For best results repeat the exercise for 3 to 4 repetitions.


Close Grip Bench Press

Some instructors say that the close grip bench press is the best triceps exercise. You have to lie completely on the bench and put the feet firmly on the floor. After that tightly grip the bar and take a one hand gap between the grips.

Keep the elbows by the side of the body and try to low the bar to the chest and raise it. For any triceps exercise, the elbows should be closer to the body and always pause for one or two seconds while the bar or weight is in its optimum position. It will increase the strength of the triceps.



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