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Educational apps really help college students to enjoy their college life fully and to have splendid experiences throughout their college period. A proper set of apps makes things smooth for students without any worry.

As college students, they have to become more multitaskers to complete their tasks in a single go. Besides this, they also have a social life. So, it becomes more important to choose correct apps during their college life which helps them to make things go hand in hand.

In this article, we provide you with the lightest of the top 10 best educational apps which help every college student.

Top 10 Best Educational App For College Students

If you are about to start a new life as a college student, here is the list of the top 10 useful college apps to make your studies and lifestyle steady.

1. BenchPrep

BenchPrep is an excellent outcome for graduates and students organizing competitive exams. It is an overall app for students who want a distraction-free environment and also want to organize their study plans easily with expert mechanisms of performance.

The app gives flashcards, practice questions, more than 500 lessons, and much more. This app is free and accessible in Android and iOS versions.

It is loaded with many beneficial features which help students to study. It features study plans, lessons, practice exams and questions, and flashcards and also offers historical reports to track progress in subsequent classes.


  • It allows users to create their courses.
  • It allows the design of lessons that are led by a teacher.
  • It Creates cycles of classes that must be carried in a certain order.
  • Enables users to plan assignments and allocate them easily.
  • It helps aspirants to prepare for GRE, GMAT, and LSAT exams.

2. Mint

Every student needs finances for their college expenses. Youngsters are said to be more aware and effective in keeping a route of money. They have a restricted quantity of wealth and a large number of actions to manage. Mint is an app that can help college students to track their personal expenses.

 If you’re doing a deeper dive into your finances and budget then Mint is going to be a great app for you. Insight reports from Mint also provide additional benefits to spot movements in your spending so you can save money. 

In free budgeting apps, it’s hard to find another app that provides more value than Mint. It’s not accurate, but it’s an outstanding tool whether you’re a financial expert or an amateur.


  • It links all of your financial accounts in one place safely.
  • It allows you to set up notifications and alert mechanism
  • Free credit score access provides in-depth insights into budget
  • Mint also offers credit monitoring through TransUnion.

3. Quizlet

Quizlet is an app that offers quizzes, games, and flashcards. It provides you to create your quizzes or search in their directory. It is loaded with over 150 million study materials, chances are someone has already created the test and quizzes according to your need.

It provides flashcards in which students can add images and audios and can use tools that quiz them, test their performance and provide the report of their result in tests. The Quizlet Learn detail mixes true and false, multiple-choice, and other types of questions and, based on performance, boosts complication over time. Subjects vary from a set simply known as “Numbers” to the highly particular Underwater Diving Disorders.

Besides students, teachers can also use this app for their teaching purposes. Quizlet Live, a team-based survey game that teachers can use in the classroom, authorizes students to build soft skills such as communication, as well as hard skills like vocabulary retention.


  • Create custom study material
  • Excellent support for languages and great for language studies
  • Provides seven ways of learning for students

4. EasyBib

EasyBib is a citation generator platform for building bibliographies. Students have to follow a series of questions in the app while inputting information to create a final citation in output that can be included in a list. Steps start with assigning the type of resource and then the desired title. After assessing the exact resource, the reference data is altered into MLA style.

It is also a premium Grammar and spelling checker software with a built-in sensor. It is formulated with students in a sense, both on the high school level and college level.  When you have a free plan, you’re going to have restrictions on the path using it. Usually, those barriers affect the depth of grammar and spelling revisions required. The EasyBib app takes constraints to a new degree, and it’s near to the point where you shouldn’t even be frightened with the functional service at all.

It is mostly used among starting researchers and intelligent professionals. This complicated app relates large teams through cloud servers allowing firms to access believed reserves and articles.


  • It has a professional plagiarism checker.
  • It can check 500+ advanced grammatical errors.
  • Get assistance on composing the paper with its necessary grammar charts.
  • You can export documents from EasyBib to MS Word easily.

5. Mathway

Mathway provides solutions to the problem related to algebra, statistics, chemistry, and trigonometry. You can simply get desired answers by just uploading or typing your question on it. If you need more than a solution, this app also provides a mentor to help you excel in your studies.

This is the best educational app for college students who need extra space to take notes and save their study materials. It is a complete package to take and carry notes everywhere digitally.

Even though it’s an incredible tool for students looking for a shortcut, this app has guiding features for tutored exercise that make it an excellent, flexible companion for math learners across grade levels, especially with a subscription plan.

Building custom worksheets is one way to exercise before a test, and the glossary is considerable because kids can search alphabetically or by problem, and personal entries show up as highlighted, clickable text in the solutions of various problems.


  • Mathway supports progressive math questions
  • It Shows step-by-step explanations
  • This app offers graphic and text descriptions
  • With a built-in glossary and help categories

6. StudyBlue

Every college student loves to make flashcards for their studies. However, it takes a lot of time to make them. StudyBlue app solves this problem of students and provides an online flashcards feature through which you can organize your picture, texts, and even audio.

You can develop your own flashcards easily, using Studyblue, or can pick some other person’s online flashcards accessible in the large database of StudyBlue. The app is supported in Android and iOS platforms easily.

It collects Email addresses and phone numbers during registration, and public access to private data can be set to comprise these as well as a permanent address. The free edition of it has fairly delicate banner ads and an ad-free subscription to SB Pro software is a price of $9 per month but also comprises some other features. Although the UI looks neat, it isn’t constantly as functional as it is.


  • Designs for high school and college students
  • Students can create and share their flashcards online.
  • Access the materials on mobile or on the computer system
  • It offers the choice to build custom quizzes or not 

7. Everyone

Evernote is a great solution for your digital study material. It can integrate and store all types of media like photos, audio, video, and text to your online account. Hence, there is no need to carry heavy notebooks and notes everywhere. Your device gives access to all your materials immediately.

Despite the many details, using Evernote is pretty easy. You can access a free version of it on Android or iOS devices. However, the premium choice gives additional features at a price of $5 for 30 days and $45 annually.

Evernote has an abundance of features that certainly set it apart from other note-taking software. When used appropriately, it can make twice as much as a solid project management tool that the whole team can access from virtually all of their devices, which can then be synced to the cloud. This excludes lost data, as every team member can relate and use the app everywhere.


  • This app lets you create easy notes anytime.
  • You can effortlessly find the notes by tags, attachment, links, or by type of content
  • Most-used options will be accessible on the composition toolbar

8. Google Drive

Google Drive provides you useful storage of files and sharing solutions. You can upload your assignments on the drive and can access it anytime. It enables you to store photos, videos, documents, presentations, excel sheets, and a lot of media options.

Consumers can prescribe any folder on their device for backup, and businesses can save area by not duplicating lists on their local storage. Paid schemes under the Google One brand make storage elevates more accessible than many options.

It’s free up to 15 GB worth of files and media and for more space, you have to buy their plans according to your need of storage. With recent details being expanded constantly, and not to mention a free web-based office suite thrown in, besides storage detail for all your local files, it is a simple option for numerous folks.


  • It allows easy and simple file backup feature to their users
  • It enables users to share files easily.
  • Cloud storage authorizes you to access your file from anywhere
  • It offers in-app purchases for many features.

9. Babylon

Babylon has a large collection of dictionaries in more than 70 languages. You can easily access 1500+ dictionaries and can finalize your academic requirements. Whenever you come across a foreign language word or a phrase, it shows dictionary results as well as translations. The accuracy of this app is outstanding enough to put your belief in this.

This software gives various packets as per the specific desires, whether you are a college student or a businessman. From the most complicated to easiest translation, all regulations are quickly and accurately fulfilled according to the user.

The software has earned high marks from language specialists who rank it high for the easy-to-use interface. Also, you do not have to escape your emails to use this software. Babylon gives exclusive, developed features that are not accessible on any other translation application.


  • Unlimited phrase translations in 70+ languages
  • It provides advanced language outcomes
  • It is enabled with the Human Voice Text to Speech feature
  • Babylon includes 1,600 dictionaries
  • Its pasteboard integration streamlines the translation procedure

10. Todoist

Todoist app enables you to schedule and organizes all your duties. It mails you reminder alerts about when your task or project is expected for submission. If you are taking up a class or any activity, this app is programmed to provide you immediate alerts, so that you don’t forget them.

In terms of synchronizing due dates to another calendar, it provides sharp buttons for integrating with Google Calendar and other Calendar with a calendar link so that you can relate with any calendar that benefits an external subscription feed.

You can also put in a plugin to Gmail and Outlook that can turn any email into a task. You can also introduce a browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox that permits you to conserve web pages as assignments. The name of the web page evolves the task title, which you can change, and the link of the page gets protected in the task.


  • It helps to track your growth in a task
  • Gives templates for all categories of projects
  • The task widget allows you to know the assignments for the day.

Final Words

Nowadays, it becomes so important for college students to organize themselves with the pace of academics. They have to steal every possible time from their schedule. To make their day easy, these top 10 apps are top-notch priorities for college students.

From making notes to organizing their schedule, these apps provide end-to-end support to college students. These apps are established in their respective field in providing the best services.
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