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A discord bot, as the name suggests, is a software program that assists one person to interact with another through different means.

It facilitates you to

  • Connect to people
  • Conduct polls
  • Arrange affairs and challenges
  • Listen to different music and this list goes on.

To put it simply, a “bot” is an abbreviation applied in place of a robot and “discord” is simply a space where you can connect to people and talk over video, messages, or even voice. Before going further with the article check out how to make someone admin in Discord as it will be very useful for you to know this before using these awesome bots.

For different purposes, different discord bots are available, and they can be evaluated from best to worst based on following categories:

  • ● UPTIME

Based on these evaluations, here are TOP DISCORD BOTS that you can easily use for a better experience on each platform. 

  1. MEE 6
  4. DYNO
  5. GAwesome BOT

1. Mee 6

It’s a discord bot server that can really assist you to build your discord server more efficiently. It offers you various new features to make your experience even more playful and entertaining, like moderation, playful chats, fun stickers etc. It has around 16+ million followers worldwide and also offers a high-quality auto-moderation system that protects your server even when you are inactive or having your nap time. They keep you protected from spam messages and trollers.

It also helps you to create your own command within seconds, and you can fully control it all by yourself. Users can easily put up streaming notifications for various virtual stages, including YouTube. One can effortlessly change his/her username, avatar and configure all the activities. Furthermore, one can also affix music to the server and listen to it whenever he/she wants. Users can simply record their sound and accumulate it in the device. One can comfortably switch from Bot Reaction Rules with Self Assigned Rules that are self controllable. 


It is also a well liked discord bot server all around the world, making it the world’s largest fun economic bot discord. They have almost 100+ commands to offer their users a smooth and an untroubled experience. To excite its users more, it has an addicting economy system, by using its famous currency system, one can raid currency from fellow users and can gamble too. It enables the users to generate memes from a chat command and experience a fun environment.

One can also enjoy the in-built RPG that comes with DANK memer with its own economy. It is a must for all meme lovers who love to create and send memes to each other.


It is a super useful discord bot for users in multiple ways. It offers a customizable moderation discord bot. It has Ban and Warn commands too that are essential for security purposes.

4. DYNO 

It is a fully automatic discord bot and supports server moderation. It offers a wide variety of features and has around 6.6 million servers all over the world. Through its dashboard, one can easily enable, disable or customize. Moderation is fully customizable and has auto-customization and anti-spam attributes. Users can easily configure commands and join ranks. It assists you to put reminders for all the important events that are coming your way. One can easily keep the track of his/her dearest streamers, and can run giveaways.

5. GAwesome BOT

It is an uncomplicated, amusing discord bot.It provides you with loads of in-chat tools.It has an abundance of customizable commands. In addition to this one can conduct polls, arrange giveaways, for awarding member ranks and much more.It also helps in moderation of chats.


This discord bot is unique in a way that it supports more than 13 languages, making it multilingual. It works online and assists you to design your own image, avatar, username, etc. Users can manage their discord too with a powerful moderation command system. Users can also use Reaction roles for themselves with just a simple click. It also has an anti-raid protection system that keeps you protected on various levels


It is a popular discord music bot. It’s a place where you can listen to your favorite songs from various online platforms including YouTube. It enables you to generate your own playlist. It is fully loaded with all the traits that a simple music app like Spotify etc. has to offer.


This discord bot can be added to your server in order to help advertise it to other people. It is a very popular yet useful discord bot as it offers a wide range of categories like music, gaming, giveaways, role play, memes and much more. It offers the users a site where they can discover or list discord servers.


It is a discord moderation bot. It keeps your server well guarded and orderly. It simply keeps the imprint of all the members and makes them responsible and answerable. It also offers a moderation command system including Ban, strike, pardon, etc.

If you really want an enjoyable yet safe platform to connect with people and have fun, these are the best.

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