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Since the festival season is around the corner, the festive fervour could be witnessed in every nook and corner. People have started preparations in advance, decorating their homes and sending out gifts in their circle. However, the custom of gifting has changed with the advent of the corporate culture set in. 

Now, companies opt for festive days to gift their employees, channel partners, success partners and distributors for their year-long diligence and productivity. In the present time, corporate gifting is considered as the amalgamation of utility and aesthetic appeal. Offering branded corporate gifts to business partners is a way that routes to establish impeccable corporate bonds. 

Today corporate gifting has reached beyond traditional gifting. Be it Diwali or Christmas or any regular employee recognition ceremony, gifting has become the touchpoint of developing trust and bonds with the corresponding associates. It is through the culture of gifting that companies make a positive impact on their professional associates. 

This is one of the many reasons why corporates invest in promotional gifts. Even on the occasions of an employee’s retirement, companies take the initiative to gratify the long association of the person with them through valuable gifts engraved with either the companies names, logos or the recipient’s name. Some of the best-personalized retirement gifts given at retirement are watches, clocks, pens, photo frames and fragrances. 

Though, festive gifting is a bit different from retirement gifting. Retirement gifting is the more formal way of gratifying in comparison with festive gifting. On festivals, corporates try to find gifts that match with the festive vibes and make the occasions more joyful. A fine gift can enhance professional relations and promote a conducive work environment. Happy and contented business partners are one of the biggest assets of any company. 

The biggest challenge is finding the exclusive and perfect gift that meets the aspirations and preference of the recipients. In the professional circle, it is often difficult to know what the employee would like. We have written below some of the common Don’ts of corporate gifting. Let’s get straight into them:

Do not insert promotions:

The act of corporate gifting is extending your warmth to them. The thanking and caring gesture shouldn’t be replaced with any promotional activities such as giving brochures, business cards etc. 

You’re putting in your valuable resources such as time and money when deciding on a gift. Make sure that gift has a lasting impact on the receiver. While a small logo on the gift is a quirky way to promote your company. Instead of giving pamphlets and brochures as a part of the corporate gift package, giving a small visit card or imprinting a small logo on the gift is a wise decision to promote your company via gifting. 

If you can offer a meaningful gift to your business associates, they will remember you and your company for a long time.

Do not compromise on quality:

After making up the mind to give a gift, the following step should be deciding on a budget. Going ahead with a good budget is great. However, if you don’t, you can still make a pool of corporate gifts without breaking the bank. Give the best gifts that come within your budget. Having a decent budget is fine but giving out gifts with bad quality isn’t ok. One thing that you should remember while gifting is to keep the quality parameters in mind. This is so because it directly impacts the reputation of your company. 

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