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You cannot deny the fact that 60% of the talent pool belongs to passive candidates. Content marketing is the one obvious way to get brand value and spreading the message out to the passive candidates without being awful. Recruitment agency in India can be of very helpful to overcome the loss of such a talent in an organization and wins in gaining the attention of passive candidates strategically.

Below given are some of the Tips on how staffing firms can boost the success with passive candidates.-

1. Website updates-

The website is extremely needed today to get a variety of information. The website can create a bad or a good impression on the minds of the candidate literally. People don’t have time these days to personally visit the place and inquire things, with the changing society and online technology people like to finish their work in just a few clicks. And website here plays the main role by giving them what they want. Due to ugly or unfriendly websites, 53% of mobile phone users have registered an awful experience and that directly contributes towards the formation of a poor image of the overall brand. That’s the reason why companies that thrive in a time of passive candidates are those that are firmly aspired to redesign their staffing website. Outdated websites mean passive candidates can easily brush off before even get the chance to know the true quality of service.

2. Post fresh original content only-

Passive candidates most likely to ignore the job boards so staffing organizations are required to find a different type of channels. Job boards are an effective way to catch the attention of active candidates. But in the case of Passive Candidates, Original fresh content is the strongest source to do so.

There are clear differences between the curate and original content. Curated contents are borrowed from different sources which mean borrowing authority and credibility whereas original content enriched with fresh ideas highlights your own expert position without any effort. Not only the original contents are appreciated but also results in increasing conversions.

3. Develop your Brand identity, its priority

Trustworthy brands result in bringing loyalty from its customers and credible reputation online which definitely ensures the expansion and development of the business. A popular and credible brand is a key to many future expansions and also generates big value in the marketplace.

Every single staffing organization surely wants to grab the top tier talents and gain the interest of well-performing businesses. Getting a clear view of your target audience would strengthen the brand.

Invest in your brand to freshen it up by redefining your brand’s aesthetic, take a whole new strategy while going for digital marketing or develop newest segments.

4. Load information that’s useful for job seekers

IT Staffing organizations parts their audiences into two groups- 1st one is employers and the 2nd one is job seekers. Both the segments have different needs but the solution is the same: assigning talented personnel to that job position which suits his skills and specialization for efficient work performance.

Contents fulfill this need by placing your brand as an innovator, resource and leader. Content marketing is very affordable than traditional advertising by effectively adding generating 3times the leads.

Few types of content that staffing agencies can leverage to the greatest benefits- blog articles, white papers, videos, infographics, eBooks.

5. Make a better utilization of social media by reaching a new audience segment.

People go to research and apply for jobs online. Most of the jobs today are found by the medium of networking, it’s one of the best ways to certainly land on a job. Social media is making it easier for the professionals to connect with each other. So, staffing organizations are required to make way for social media to let people feel their presence.

LinkedIn acts like a living resume so it’s automatically 1s choice. This network helps job seekers get to connect with potential employers. Posting content on LinkedIn perfectly is an awesome way to get much of variety audience.

Staffing organizations can use social media platforms like Facebook for promoting lifestyle articles, highlighting customer services, Instagram for memes, infographics or visual platforms and Youtube for creating no. of helpful information-rich videos.

Whichever social site is chose just be consistent with your branding and posts.


With any of the above-given strategy content marketing’s success entirely relies on Return on Profit with passive candidates. Organization Content Marketing gives readers clearly gives an authority to straight look into the company, its work, expertise, and industry.

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Kyra is a Hiring Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency – an IT Recruitment Agency. She specializes in helping with international recruiting, Accountant Recruitment Agency, staffing in Dubai, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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