Best Antivirus for your Mobile Phone in 2018


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Nowadays smart technology has changed the outlook of mobile phone entirely. Cheap smartphones have become like mini-computers, their features and flexibility has added to their appeal. You can enjoy lots of application in your smartphone device.

But there is always a possibility of getting a virus in your device. A virus can halt the overall performance of your phone. A malware can steal data from your device, can cause complete software failure. So, it is essential to prevent your device from malware. The best way to protect your smartphone from malware is to install good antivirus software.

If you try to search Google Play Store for antivirus, you will find several antiviruses, but all of them do not provide satisfactory results.

Here we are providing you top 5 antiviruses for your smartphone:

Bitdefender Antivirus: Bitdefender is the best antivirus for your device. Bitdefender is the most lightweight antivirus for your device. It is very efficient and reliable. The downloading and installing of this antivirus is also very easy. Bitdefender offers you the ability to schedule scan times, which means it will not use your all resources.
This will save the battery life and keep the performance better. If you want features, you can go for its premium version. For more details about Bitdefender, you can contact Bitdefender Customer Service.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: Kaspersky is famous antivirus software. This can be the best antivirus for your smartphone. Kaspersky antivirus is very simple and smart. Kaspersky has the ability to detect almost all kind of virus. It also does not load websites containing the virus.
Kaspersky has an excellent virus detection rate; it can detect 99.9% viruses. It also has an amazing security management system. If you want to enjoy full features then try the paid version of Kaspersky.

Avast Mobile Security: In the world of antivirus, Avast has a dominant name. This application offers you lost of services like free call blocking facility. Another cool feature in the free version is anti-theft property.
Avast also provide firewall in the free version. But in the free version, you have to see the ads. If you don’t want to watch ads, you can always go for a premium version which comes with some additional features.

McAfee Security & Power Booster Free: McAfee is another famous name in the world of antivirus. It comes with cool features. Download McAfee and you are going to love it. This antivirus has amazing anti-theft features; which means your data is surely protected. McAfee has a police linked data application which means if someone will try to steal something; the police will come to know about it.
McAfee also supports ads, and if you want to get rid of ads, you can go for a premium version of McAfee. The paid version will provide you additional features also.

Antiy AVL: If you want a lightweight antivirus for your smartphone, then you should go for Antiy AVL. It is no doubt that Antiy is the best in lightweight software.

It provides excellent features that will provide great protection to your smartphone. One of the useful features is the call blocking feature. The protection provided by Antiy AVL is complete and efficient. It makes you sure that the infected website will not be able to load on your device.

Having a good antivirus is a healthy way to keep your device safe. There are many anti-viruses present in the market but should go for the best. If you have any recommendation, you can comment down below.

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