The Best Anniversary Gift List You Could Never Go Wrong With


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We, as humans, have always put immense importance on gifts. May it be to commemorate an occasion or as a reward to someone, or simply as a keepsake to remember someone by. But almost definitively, we haven’t done an amazing job at it, and there have been too many instances where we see a person bring a gift for their partner only to have a half-hearted ‘Um..Thanks’ for a reply. And there lies the fallacy. There are only a definite number of ideas that come to our minds when it comes to gifting options, and what’s best for your special one is not that run-of-the-mill one that has been used since time immemorial. Yes, gone are the days when gifting options were limited to jewelry, clothing, and chocolates. Now, with Oyehappy, you can create anniversary personalized gifts for your loved one, and what’s more, you can do that from the comfort of your home! Doesn’t that sound amazing? You bet.

These carefully crafted gifts are skillfully made, beautifully presented, and guaranteed to bring a smile to your partner’s face. Looking for something romantic, something funny or something naughty? Worry not, we have got you covered. What is even more interesting is that there are hundreds of options and styles to choose from, for catering to what suits your partner the best. Add to that shipping within 5-8 days, with another option for guaranteed delivery on a fixed day, and voila! Amazing gifts, ready to be shipped within minutes. Find your pick!

1. All About You Video: 

Have someone, who you are crazy about? Someone with whom you have innumerable memories and stories that can go on and on? Get them a personalized video made with all the things that make them and leave them brimming with glee! All you must do is answer a few questions about them, share some pictures and let them handle the rest. Questions like favorite food, birthplace, nickname etc. would be asked, and the video would be delivered via email or WhatsApp. 

2. 24-Hour Surprise Hamper: 

Is watching your loved one smile the best feeling in the world for you? Then why not indulge in the 24-Hour Surprise Hamper then? A total of 8 packages, and a total of 10 gifts, this is sure to leave your girlfriend speechless. Caution, boyfriends have been reported to react unexpectedly, and attempt at opening all of them together, which would ruin the fun. The first one is ‘Open this right after you wake up’ where they will have a coffee mug customized with 4 pictures of your choice. After the Open this at Noon package comes the Open this at Lunch package, where they’ll find an adorably handcrafted mini hamper comprising a miniature heart in a bottle, a pouch of chocolates and a few postcards. These 8 gifts are sure to add a romantic zing to your anniversary celebrations! 

3. Open When Cards: 

Whether you’ve messed up and gotten your loved one annoyed at you, or their ‘missing mode’ is high cause you’re out on a business trip, these beautiful (and did I say cute?) cards are the perfect tools to keep the blues at bay. This special set of 5 Open When Cards is meant to be kept for times of need and each letter is meant to be opened in a certain mood only, but a lift in mood is guaranteed! Some are cheesy, some are corny, but these have been concocted by the best minds (when it comes to romance) and guarantee a mood lift. 

4. Stars Above Us: 

We want something romantic, you said. We want something with a perfect 100 in the ‘Aww’ factor, you said. We want something so cute that even Unicorns would see rainbow stars in their eyes. We heard from you. Our designers did more. Presenting Stars Above Us- where we frame a unique alignment of stars at a particular time and day, as the alignment of stars is never the same twice to show you how the stars had aligned up for the beautiful couple to get together! This can signify a moment in time that has been frozen just for you and nothing else is special in the world at that moment in time. This can be gifted as a wedding gift, to etch into memory the moment the beautiful wife and the handsome husband tied the knot. It can also be made to remember the moment of your child’s birth; the opportunities are endless with this one. Comes in a trendy synthetic wood frame- it is truly a work of art. 

5. Stuck on You: 

Okay, this is something that has been in vogue since forever. We might remember it as a very 90s thing to do but owing to the resurgence of 90s fashion, why should we keep it at that? So, don on your baggy tees and turn your fridge into a carousel of memories! These unique photo magnets would be customized with pictures of your choice, and ready to be SLAPPED on to your fridge. Throw in a few fairy lights into the mix and bring out your aesthetic A-game. We also throw in a rewritable marker and duster just in case you want to note down something on the surface. Save paper. Go Green.

6. Dice and Spice: 

Oh boy! Where do we begin? Alright, this is for the adults out there, so kids, you might want to skip on this one. But for the rest of y’all, want to spice up your love life? Is that a yes, I hear? This board game is deceptively naive to look at, but with dares that would end up y’all not getting to sleep, it is sure to lead to many unforgettable nights (wink wink). Truth and Dare with a dash of 7-second challenges, this sure is one of our best ideas that we brought to life. 

Curate personalized, best gifts for that very special loved one on the anniversary. Surprise the one close to your heart with it. Do that from the convenience of your home! 

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