Benefits of Using Google Drive for Students


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Having money issue or spacing, google drive is here to save you from a headache. A headache of buying a new flash drive, or purchasing the Microsoft office for your school and colleges assignments. Do not fret, google drive is here to save you. Google drive aids teachers and student. Today, I will be discussing the benefits of using google drive for the student. Assignment Help UK brings this informative article for its audience. There are many benefits of using google drive.

  1. Google Drive

Google drive is like s storeroom, where all your stuff can be stored and you still have space to put unlimited stuff. The best thing about google drive is that IT IS FREE!

It charges zero money.

  1. Google Office

Google office (tools) is composed of vs. Microsoft

  1. Google docs = Microsoft word= Document
  2. Google slides= Microsoft power point= Presentation
  3. Google sheets- Microsoft Excel= Data spreadsheets
  4. Google Forms =Microsoft Forms = Creates surveys, quizzes, polls, and etc.
  5. Google drawing=? = help you draw easily on your documents or copy paste

There are some cool tools

  1. Photo storage
  2. Translator
  3. Hangout- chat
  4. YouTube

Microsoft office is expensive for students, at regular price you are making a purchase of 200 hundred dollars and if you are a student then you are buying at a price of 120 dollars. Where Google drive is free and students do not have to spend money on it.

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Google drive allows you to store your data for a lifetime, as well as it allows you to continue making and working on projects and allows you to use cool tools at cost, which is totally free.

YouTube allows students to search for videos related to the topic on which they are struggling with. Or if they are looking for a video to put it in their project/ power point. Youtube help students to describe or inform the audience of the information, at which you have failed to deliver. YouTube is a good source for students to search and study. Since, help is available online, without having to pay a single penny out of your pocket.

  1. Automatically Saved

The best part about working with Google tools is that you do not have to worry about losing your work because Google saves your work automatically. Your work is being saved in google drive, so you can always start your work where you have left off, anywhere, anytime your work will be available to you.

  1. Sharing

If you have a group project or paper due, you and your friends all can work at the same document at the same time. You can chat and share your ideas and input the data at the same time. Google docs allow you to work with your friends with complete ease.

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Also, it allows large files to send with ease. No matter who you are sending it, it can be your friend, family, cousins, and etc.

Sharing files has made it easier for the student to share data easily without having to pay money for it…. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Take a Drive

If you forget to finish your assignment and you have it due next period then you can either scan your document or use your document offline and finish your paper with ease. So, you can print your paper before class. Or if you finish it early then before even school start. How cool!!!!

  1. Voice Recognition

Google tools also have some special features like voice composition, you can use this tool in documents. If you do not feel like typing then google voice recognition can help you type your paper for you. Just say it and Google will type it. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Assignment Help London encourage students to use google drive because it is easily accessible anywhere you go. If you have the app installed in your cell phone then you do not even have to worry about internet access because Google provides an option to work offline. So, you can work on your document easily as you have access available and you will find your work saved when you will go online as you continue to write on your assignment.

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Google has made it easier for us to connect with our friends and co-workers, as we work on a project.  It has also, brought family members closer by saving our memories in a storage, so when we go and look back at them, we can smile, laugh, and enjoy our time at family gatherings. Some of the tools that Google has offer chatting app with your friends and family. As well as taking photos and sharing photos are now can be sent easily.

I would rather save money and go shopping with my friends than spending hundreds of dollars on a product that will put limits on me. I like using google drive because it has made me comfortable using free apps, and allow me to save money for my tuition.

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