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Beauty has been the phenomena of the wicked and the good of this world for as far as the big bang even if such a thing created the universe. You’ll always find the beauty of skin and skin care amongst the top picks which almost any women and now adays even amongst some portion of guy. As tell us who doesn’t want some extra shine, glow and a smoothness on their skin. They all do right.

Well leave that to us folks, since today we’ll be covering specifically the tips you can use to get great skin care at home. Any guesses? Today our blog will guide you to the ultimate hacks to get the flawless shiny skin you deserve using the magic potion knows as Honey. You will certainly be amazed at some of the powerful ingredients it has to serve your skin like never before. Honey is amongst those stuff which you previously thought important enough for food consumption. Sorry but the joke’s on you for this time since it could be so much more for your skin if used the right way.

Why honey forms such an important factor for you skin and why we are stressing it so much today? You’ll see all about that down below in our blog. Take a few big breaths kindly! In a nutshell for now, this golden magic is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, both of which while are beneficial for your general health but have also great antibacterial properties for your skin. While that’s not the least of it let’s dive down into really why we bought you here. As promised! Have a look below why this magic will work wonders on your skin.

1. A good cleanser of pores

 When applied properly on your skin, honey enables to open up the pores in your skin. While additionally helping in getting rid of black heads from your face. So, you don’t need to spend big dollars on buying fake and expensive cosmetic creams this neat honey will do the trick in a short period of time.

2. Fights of acnes

As discussed above due to its antioxidants properties besides fighting back pores it also helps your skin in combatting against acnes. This is possible by keeping your pores free of oil dirt and keeping them moisturized and firm to give you a clear complexion.

3. A good exfoliator

Everyone one of you hates it when their skin starts to irritate, itch and you want to peel it off your face right! So, ladies Honey is just the right combatant for this issue as well. It acts as a soft exfoliator for your skin compared to other skin creams. You just rub it gently on your skin and it’ll leave you with a glowing complexion. While other exfoliators strive hard to achieve this honey achieves its easily.

Skin Care

4. Helps hiding your scars

Talking just not in the literal sense but the physical sense as well. In some of your history books or old cosmetic history you would have stumbled upon the astonishing fact that honey helps in healing skin. Well as majestic as it sounds, its true. It helps fade and hide your scars or more suitably your acne scars. So, you can apply a decent amount in your palms and then smoothly apply them on both sides of your skin and this routine can be repeated every day to get the optimal results.

Your spots will be as good as gone and it’ll leave you astonished, trust us they will! However, remember that if there are some bruises or some deep type of cuts on your skin those can’t be healed with honey currently. There’s still research going on about that so fingers crossed!

5. Try a Honey Bath

This one’s unique and we guarantee only a couple of you may have heard about this or even few would have actually gone as far as to try it. Now as seasons, change your skin changed as well to adjust to the weather conditions. Specifically, in winters, it tends to go dry and cause itchiness at some points. Well, to get out of this misery you can try soaking yourself up in some Honey.

Yep, sounds unbelievable and shocking but it’s been tried and a tested method. Once you pour down around 2 cups of honey into your bath and then lay down in it. It’ll give you a soothing sensation which you’ll never have experienced before. This you should do for up to 15 minutes then another 15 minutes while adding some baking soda to your bath. This way not only it’ll get rid of deal cells on the skin of your face but over your entire body. In short, it’s like a short beauty trip to heaven. Try it and thank us later!

6. Try your own Honey Masking Technique

Just apply a decent amount of raw honey over your face and then leave it like that for around 35 minutes approx. Later on, wash it off with lukewarm water and you’ll get radiant, glowing and soft skin you never had before. This is one of the most used and trusted techniques which is used worldwide with women who’ve taken to honey for their skin care.

7. Helps if your skin is sunburnt

The list goes on and on right. Amazing you all the way. Well now as tested, honey has also proven beneficial in treating burnt skin. This magical substance once applied to the sunburnt area helps the damaged tissues to heal and also bring about the necessary nutrition for that area. This is exactly why honey is amongst the top used elements for treating skin burns. 

Skin Care

The procedure to use honey for treating burns is quite simple. Just mix a decent amount of raw honey with approx. 2 parts of aloe vera gel and then apply lightly to the sunburnt area. That’s all it takes to heal your skin up.

8. Worried about Wrinkles? Gone

Honey could also be used as a home practice to fight off against your ugly wrinkles. This is specifically for those age considerate ladies and women who think they’ve aged and can’t charm people as they did in their young wild days. Well as fortunate you are making this honey your best friend will be a great decision, plus the results won’t disappoint that’s a guarantee. Just apply a little amount and mix it with some milk then apply it on your skin. Leave it on for approx. 20 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

9. Acts as a hydrant for your skin

As already stressed somewhat in this blog above but this deserves its separate point so here, we are. While change in weather conditions and summers specially could call for lack of moisture on your smooth skin. You can now blindly use raw honey to treat the issue. Special for its damping effects on your skin as well as soothing it. Conclusively, use honey to keep your skin baby soft, hydrated and glowing for as long as you got it in you.


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At the end folks that was pretty much it from our side. Now you should all be relieved and sighing a breath of relief as your skin is no where near to the end. Not yet as long as there’s honey left in this world which it will be hopefully, so your skin has got its treatment partner side by side. Keep our blog an ultimate guide and a bottle of honey ready If you haven’t already to get yourself the radiant skin you always wanted!

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