Before You Go: The Science behind Live Chat Engagement

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It may be a small floating orange bubble or a blue rounded square with the words ‘Chat Now’ emblazoned across it – the live chat button is pretty easy to spot. Always on standby, live chat solutions for websites have made customer service practically instantaneous! Consumers have grown so used to live website support that it is now an integral part of one’s customer experience. Companies admire live chat’s ability to effectively engage and convert website visitors into solid leads.  With so much admiration to go around, there must be more to live chat than meets the naked eye.

Dig a little deeper into live chat engagement and one begins to see many options for personalization. Businesses can opt for a personalized greeting for predefined types of website visitors. With the visitor tracking feature switched on, businesses can customize check-in questions to reflect the visitor’s recent browsing history. According to an survey, more than 60% of visitors are likely to return to a website with a live chat feature installed.

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First Seek to Understand (Your Customers)

One of the advantages of enabling live chat on your website is the easy access to actionable insights. Live chat solutions provide business owners with the latest statistics about all the chat-related activity on their digital properties. Regularly published business intelligence reports can help increase your understanding of your customer’s needs.

Targeted messaging allows companies to filter through all of the website visitors and engage exclusively with their target audience. Live chat solutions for websites can be used to recover shopping carts that online visitors are about to abandon. Whether it is millennials or moms-to-be that you are targeting, live chat allows businesses to build a strong rapport with prospective customers.

Boost Customer Support Productivity

Another benefit of live website support is how it makes customer service, as a whole, more efficient. In comparison to traditional voice-only call centers, live chat operators can simultaneously cater to more than one customer, without compromising on service quality. Live chat also reduces the total number of agents required in a customer support role. Sales see an

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uptick because customers always someone to guide them on their journey – from initial inquiry to final purchase.

Saved Chat History

A distinct advantage of live chat-based support is the built-in chat transcripts database. If desired, companies can share the original chat transcript with the website visitor as well. Unlike a phone call, both the customer service representative and the customer can review the transcript at a later time. This feature comes in handy when trying to gauge t.  Are they following through on promises made to customers? Pull up the relevant chat transcript and schedule a quality control meeting for all the concerned team members.

Fill in the Gaps

Until recently, a customer had to resort to either a phone call or an email to get their specific questions answered. Phone-calls meant long wait times accompanied by annoying ‘muzak’ and endless menu selections. Emails meant hours or days of waiting for a response, and uncertainty about whether you’ll even get a reply or not. Thankfully, this gap has now been filled in by live chat services. Live chat couples the instantaneity of a phone call with the ease of text-based communication, similar to an email.

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First-timers need not fear the live website support installation process. Live chat integration now follows the ‘ plug and play’ model, so you can get right down to business. From converting customers to leads to retrieving missed opportunities – there is a lot to be gained via live chat solutions.

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