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The most loved card game around the world, poker has been commanding the minds of players for quite a while. There has been lots of studies and discussions concerning how precisely it began and who concocted the game. There have been lots of speculations everywhere throughout the world. It exists in different forms and is played everywhere throughout the world in casinos, clubs and online poker.


In India poker is now the most popular online pastime. The popularity of poker games in India increasing hugely from last two years. Now online poker is more than an online game it’s an industry which has USD200 Million yearly turn over., India’s fastest growing online poker site, offers the best gaming experience for Indian Poker fans. A pioneer in the field of online poker in India, is second home to thousands of poker players in India as the site offers a hassle-free gaming experiences with Free Sign-ups and simple transactions. is managed and controlled by a Kolkata based gaming development company named Ability Games Pvt Ltd. Navneet Makharia the Managing Director of and a Game Entrepreneur says that the main aim of PokerLion is increasing the popularity of poker game amongst the Indian players.

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If you have stumbled upon this post, then you are most likely a poker player who is lacking fitness!


Poker is a game of brain. It is that sport surrounding which lots of competitions and events are organized in world level.


Let’s face the fact, play poker online or live poker is the sport where you have to just sit and sit and continue sitting and use your brain. You sit for long hours and conclude a game by either winning or losing it. Physical movement is nil during this long session. And with no physical movement, it ultimately leads to the health and poke winnings of the player.


Poker players should follow a healthy and balanced routine to stay fit and lively during the long play poker hours. Read on the few points to know better:



Sleep More

Normally, pro players play constantly for 10-12 hours in high-stress scenarios. Stress for the game includes big cash. Less and unsound sleep may prevent them from thinking wisely. Lack of sleep results in the low performance of a player! Poker players ought to sleep 8 hours a day to relax their mind and body. Moreover, while playing poker, players ought to avoid eye exhaustion by refocusing the eyes by looking away from the cards or by covering them with their palms for 10-15 seconds.

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Exercise Daily

Poker players ought to always take some time for physical activity such as meditation, yoga, exercise, etc. They need to exercise for 5 days a week or 1 hour regularly. Regular exercise will not only keep them in shape but also boost their overall health in terms of extra alertness, more stamina, better sleeping patterns and high focus which will be handy in the game.


Eat Better

Besides concentrating on winnings in online poker, players need to also focus on a nourishing diet. While playing poker live or online poker, players ought to avoid eating junk food and rather opt for healthy food. For instance, salad instead of hot-dogs, juices rather than drinks, etc. Additionally, poker players should never miss out the essential meals of the day, i.e, they must not skip breakfast, lunch and dinner to continue their body working. Additionally, they should have speedy snacks, rich in fibre, between the meals to stay refreshing, and eat foods to insulate their brain.

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Stay Hydrated

There is a well-known saying, “Drinking more water keeps the body running.” All poker players ought to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. They must avoid taking in energy drinks, tea/coffee, sodas, etc. as they rich in sugar and influence the heart and blood sugar level. Preferably, players must adopt water as it gives an extra energy increase to stay alert and awake while playing poker online for entire day or at least for long hours.


PokerLion offer a large variant of poker games to play. So why not play the games and try follow these steps of balanced routine and see how much these steps affects in winning the games?


Make your weekend a special one and play your favourite poker games!

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