Author: Kritika Sharma

A wanderer at heart, technical writer by profession, singer by sheer coincidence and anchor by interest. Curiously driven to know, I am a nonchalant observer with spurts of maniacal energy.

Food & beverages

Herbs That Can Enhance Flavor In Your Food

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351 ViewsNo meal is complete without herbs and spices especially when it’s Indian food. Herbs and spices enhance the taste of the food and boost your …


10 Famous Horror Novels of All time

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465 ViewsWe all have a friend who loves to watch scary movies with both eyes fully open and never get nightmares. Who’s absolutely “OK” with reading …

Tech News

Top 40-inch Smart LED TVs to Upgrade Your Living Room

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290 ViewsBuying a TV was quite simple in the past with fewer features and standards to consider. Now, the TV buying experience has changed and buyers …


Must Try 15 Healthy Winter Fruits to Stay Healthy

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470 ViewsThe winter season is approaching with a holiday season. Moreover, when this season will be over, most of us lack in motivation to stay healthy …