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Dustin Pope, the President of Tree Doctor, wisdom is stored in the optimum health of the trees, plants, and shrubs in the landscape of San Diego. He is very passionate about creating awareness for tree health management and educating people about the consequences of ignoring the unique tree healthcare needs. He believes in sustainable results using advanced environmentally-friendly technology.

He loves to write about the tree and plant health care problems, insect and disease diagnosis and treatment, soil and root care making people aware through his experience, and keeping the San Diego County landscape healthy and beautiful. Stay tuned with the recent articles to know all about harmful insects and diseases hampering tree health, tree nutrients, soil care, root management, deep root fertilization, and other stress to trees.


How Can I Prevent My Tree Stump From Rotting?

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A tree is very useful even after its death. That means a newly cut tree always leaves a tree stump in the ground, which can be …