Are you Utilizing these Tools to Enhance your Google AD Presence?

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Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), is essentially the most preferred PPC marketing platform on the internet. Google provides a huge space for advertisers as it offers a wide variety of services to internet users. Most important of all its services is, the very obvious, the search engine. Google records 90% of the total searches worldwide. It also serves as a window to all other google application services.

Why should you consider Google Ads presence?

Well, if you are a marketer then the need to explain you this, is very minuscule. But if you want to learn about marketing and more specifically Google Ads, then we shall give you a broad perspective of what this thing is about. As we already told you, Google has a vast presence over the Internet space and engages millions of users every day. To make the best use of this force, you need to consider Google Ads.

Google lets you bid for spaces on its multiple sites and platforms. Now, these platforms include the Google Search Engine, its video streaming platform YouTube and other closely held properties of Google. Upon successful bidding, you get to post your ads in those spaces. These ads shall be in a form of clickable links that redirects anyone who clicks these ads to a website of your choice.

Simply put, it is basically buying leads for your website when it’s difficult to generate them organically. But this is the best way to do so. The marketing strength can be altered based on your budget and the best results can be obtained for the same.

But what’s the secret spice of success?

Well, an outright answer would be an outstanding PPC campaign. The platform you chose would simply be irrelevant if the ad you post is just trash. There should exist a peculiar ingredient that unintentionally forces the ad viewer to click upon it.

While making a PPC Campaign, take care of a few things:

  •       Design: it must be carefully designed to suit your target audience and your service.
  •       Relevance: your ads must directly relate to your audience’s needs.
  •       Quantity: the number of ads must be so much that it does not annoy the viewer.
  •       Engaging: it should be able to bring the audience to the target website through undone interactions and unsaid welcomes.

If everything works in synergy, there emerges a successful PPC campaign.

To help you with these, we list here some tools that would ease your burden and create a marvellous campaign.

Let us begin the list:

Google ads editor: Google has everything, literally everything that you would ask to draft a marketing campaign. As a result, you have Google Ads Editor. It is one tool that helps you create, manage and edit all your ads across various Google platforms in one place. Its features include online and offline editing, bulk editing, review ads before posting and view performance stats for your ads. It travels the extra mile to give you an unmatchable experience.

Are you utilizing these tools to enhance your Google AD presence_

Optmyzr: It is an award-winning software that uses its machine learning capabilities to optimize your ads. It boasts over 50 tactics to help you score a win in your PPC campaigns. It can help you manage bids for various ad spaces, curate your budgets accordingly and also find negative and positive keywords for your ad campaign through A/B ad tests. 

It also lets you build, maintain and optimize your shopping ads as well. The options provided include prewritten PPC scripts and a flexible rule engine as well.

AdEspresso: This software from the house of Hootsuite, is a one-stop solution for all your PPC marketing needs. Above all, it lets you manage everything related to your ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, so you don’t have to separately manage each of them.

It offers premium services that let you easily create ad campaigns, manage all such ads at one place, analyze their performance, collaborate with your teams relating to it and also learn new techniques to improve. A free trial of 14 days is also available if you are unsure about its capabilities. The tool is also integrated with the web design tool Canva.

Google keyword planner: Picking the right keyword for your ads is the key to reach your target audience. Google keyword planner provides you with suitable keywords for your designed ad campaigns. These keywords can be purchased at the best prices here. 

Google trends: To know your keyword performance, Google trends is the best solution. An in-depth analysis of each keyword is available on Google trends. This analysis includes the number of searches for a particular keyword in a specific time period and an information graph that represents the same.

Tenscores: There is a quality score for each keyword on Google. To track such score for your keyword set, you can take advantage of this tool. It manages to discover your Google AdWords quality scores and gives recommendations on how you can improve them. It also keeps a history of your scores so that you can track your improvement.

SEMrush: It is one complete SEO toolkit for your PPC campaigns. It gives you several advantages over others. It has tools for social media monitoring, rank tracking, and website audit to improve your PPC campaigns. It can give you high-quality competitive data analysis along with recommendations about the most profitable keywords around.

Employ these tools, I am sure they will ease your stress and help you create an efficient PPC Ad Campaign that generates excellent Google Ads Presence. Just don’t take a beating on the hard work, no matter what!

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