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Those who believe in crystal healing therapy they love the look, feel, size, colors and texture of crystals. They have their own collections of stones. Crystals feature in spiritual practices and crystal healing therapy. Strong proponents claim that crystals help in alleviating pain, and curing illness. On the other hand, skeptics don’t believe in any of these claims. They find it hard to accept that holding some stones can provide relief from migraines or some stones can boost your confidence. 

There are people who say that crystal healing has helped them in healing or evoking a particular sensation or feeling.  

How does Crystal Work? 

Crystal healing takes a holistic approach. Crystal healing approach works on mental, physical, spiritual and emotional levels of well being. It dissolves diseases by realigning subtle energies. Crystal healing gets to the root. Crystal healing uses vibrations to bring chakras back into balance. This cures many physical and psychological health problems.

Everything is composed of energy. Therefore, when you tap into the positive vibrations of a specific crystal, this has an effect on your energetic level. This, as a result, heals your body, mind and soul. Crystal healing therapy can help with sickness, joints and other physical ailments. It can also help with depression, anxiety and other mental issues. People use crystal healing therapy for spiritual purposes as well.

Crystal can do amazing things and there are many scientific phenomenons supporting the physical, mental and spiritual health benefits of crystal healing therapy. This therapy uses concepts like: 

  • Quantum physics 
  • Theories of energy transfer 
  • Entrainment and the synchronization of energy fields        
  • Bioscalar waves
  • Patterns of energy movement 

There are technical explanations behind each concept used in crystal healing therapy. There are many facts and personal stories prove that crystal healing work.  

Crystals and Fluids 

The world of magic and science overlaps. There is intertwining reality. Crystals have incredible metaphysical properties. This is what helps in curing illness and enhancing performance. You can use crystals to promote relaxation. You can use tourmaline to improve meditation and promote grounding. Citrine inspires creativity. These and all other crystals have specific energies that affect your physical, mental and spiritual states. 

The life and Crystals 

From a scientific and magical point of view, different crystals have different metaphysical qualities and specific inherent healing properties. They have certain effects on your body, mind, soul and even your life. Like many other material objects, crystals influence your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They have an influence on your energetic fields. 

Choosing Crystals 

You can read online guides to crystal healing. If you want to learn and practice crystal healing therapy, you can join energetic healing courses online. In these courses, you learn about the properties of each crystal. You learn how to use a specific crystal for a specific healing energy. If you are a crystal healing skeptic, you can use this therapy for: 

  • The Placebo Effect
  • Meaning Placeholders
  • Triggers for Magical Consciousness
  • Exploring the Unconscious
  • Bringing Beauty and Joy
  • Coping with Anxiety

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