Amazing Benefits Of Using Contraceptive Pills


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There are many birth controls that a woman can use to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but not all of these are  100% effective and easy to do. Most of the women are using the contraceptive pill. It is more accessible and providing lower risk to get pregnant. Compared to other forms of birth control, contraceptives pills are not limited to preventing pregnancy it can also cure the menstrual problem and other skin problems that cause by the changes of hormones especially to women. As we read this article, be prepared to be amazed for other benefits of using the contraceptive pill.

What is the Contraceptive Pill?

It is a kind of birth control that can be taken orally. It has hormones substance that can add or manage women hormones. The pill comes in a pack, and only need to take one tablet per day. It is taken every day at the same time, and should not miss any day without taking it to guarantee 100% effectivity for pregnancy prevention. You can use medicines organizer that has a date on it for you not to forget taking the pill or setting the alarm will do.

There are different brands that you can use like Lutera. It is for women ages 16 and older and its price range from around $20 to $50. The pill is costly especially that you have to take it every month to get the best result. However, you can take advantage of available discounts being offered by other pharmacies or using Lutera Coupon that offers up to 75% discounts from the regular price. In that way, you can afford your safety from unwanted pregnancy or to maintain a healthy reproductive system.

Here are amazing benefits from taking contraceptives pill aside from preventing pregnancies.

No Pain During Menstruation

Dysmenorrhea is every girl’s nightmare during menstruation, and it is so painful that it will surely ruin the week. The contraceptive pill can lessen the pain during periods. The pill will prevent ovulation. If no ovulation, there is no pain in your uterus that causes cramps. You will only experience painful periods once the muscles in the uterus tighten. So if you do not want this pain that prevents you from doing your day to day routine, you might consider taking contraceptive pills.

Key to Acne Free Skin

The changes of hormones can trigger acne especially during puberty but can happen to any age and women has a higher chance to experience hormonal acne. If you are trying a lot of beauty regimen and it is still not working, then do not be shock. Those beauty soaps and cleanser cant cure acne because hormonal acne comes in the form of cystic bumps that came from deep under the skin. You have to take oral contraceptives like Lutera that works from the inside out to control your hormones and clear acne. The pill contains ethinylestradiol plus, drospirenone, norgestimate, and norethindrone that targets the hormones that cause acne. If you are experiencing acne you must cure of the inside then you can continue your other beauty regimen for an acne free skin.

Regular Menstruation

The hormones changes during your menstruation, using the pill it helps in balancing the hormones fluctuations. Because of that, it can lessen the problems caused by menstruation. If the hormones change from time to time it can cause irregular bleeding, heavy bleeding, and the most common women issues right now – PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS can also cause acne and gain weight, that is how important it is to a woman to have balance fluctuations of hormones. By taking contraceptive pills in the long run, you can have regular and carefree menstruation.

Lessen the chance of Uterine Cancer

In the long run of using the pill, it can cause long term benefits of being free from Uterine Cancer. It is a type of cancer caused by the growth of any cells that complicates uterus tissues.     One of the treatments of this type of cancer is hormonal therapy which can be done early by taking contraceptive pills. According to studies, women who are not taking pills are more prone to the possibilities of uterine cancer than women who are taking pills.


It is not easy to be a woman, but you have to take care of yourself. We should know more about our body, and how it works in that way, we will know what the right things to do are. Just like taking contraceptive pills that has a lot of benefits not just preventing pregnancy but as well as helping us to cure other hormonal issues like irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, uterine cancer and more. If its the money you are concerned about, then take advantage of discounts and coupon available in some pharmacies.

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