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What is b612?

If you are into taking self-pictures and a fan of taking amazing new pictures, then b612 2019 is the one for you. This app will help you to click amazing new selfies and make sure that your face comes out as bright and smart. There are tons of Selfie clicking applications on the internet, but this one tops the list since there are a lot of added feature’s to it as well. This means that if you want, then you can click thousands of selfies at the same time but put facial masks and headgears and amazing new other sets to make your picture looks fantastic.

How to use it?

To use the b612 2019, you have to make sure that you go to the official store and then download this app. Once you have done the same, you will have to open this app and then turn on the front camera. This app is best for taking selfies and amazing new features added to it. Once you have used your camera, it is time for you to press on it, and your picture will be clicked. If you want, then you can even add the list of frames and filters to your image to make your photo look more enhanced and keep it worth a click.

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How to download it in your device?

To download this app, you have to go to the play store, and there you can get the official link of this pp. There are specific requirements of the b612 2019 which you have to know before the download happens. This implies that this app will take the permission and usage of your picture and the camera of your mobile phone. And once you have downloaded this app, you have to go to the official application management inside your phone and then ensure that b612 is relocated to your SD Card from your internal storage system.

What are the features of this app?

There are tons of features of the new b612 2019. First of all, there is a list of new filters which you can add now to your selfies so that they won’t look dull and bland anymore. And there is another facial recognition system like Snapchat where you can change the feature of your face and make it look amazing and cute. There are tons of other features too. There are timers set for your picture, and this will help you if you want to click the image while having different poses at the same time.

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Is it safe for usage?

The b612 2019 is completely safe for usage. The developers and the makers of this app have said that a ton of users have commented on the better and simplicity of this app and have told everyone that this app is perfect to use. And if you are really into taking pictures all the time, then this app will do you justice. You have to download the app and get the settings corrected and viola, you will have a beautiful picture of yourself saved on your phone.

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