Alert! Why You Need to Be Careful with Sanitizers While Working in Kitchen


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Given the current scenario, it is important for us to stay clean and sanitized at any given point of time. We also know how much we use our hands during the day. So, we must ensure that we add a germ fighter to our shopping lists. The best way to do this would be through the use of sanitizer. Usage of hypochlorous acid has been common for the purpose of cleaning. This acid can be found in sanitizers. It is extremely easy to use. All that you have to do is to rub a drop of sanitizer on your palms for a few seconds and let it dry before using your palms. It is used during times when one has no access to soap or water to clean their palms. A Hypochlorous acid sanitizer comes of use during such a situation. Here is all that you need to know about the use of sanitizers.

Usage directions

For the effective usage of a hand sanitizer, you must first take a thumb sized amount of sanitizer and rub it all over you hand until it evaporates. However, if it evaporates under 15 seconds, you have not made a proper use of the sanitizer. Also ensure that you cover your nail-beds along with your palms.


  • Unlike regular soap, a hand sanitizer can is convenient, easily portable, relatively easier to use and is not time consuming. On an average, it would require only about 20 seconds of usage.
  • Studies have shown that the usage of sanitizer has helped reduce the risk of stomach and respiratory infections from spreading easily.
  • The fact that it can eliminate 99.9% of germs must not come as a surprise as it serves its purpose very effective when used in accordance to the directions provided. If you find yourself in an environment which requires you to be around food, or eat it, the best thing would be to keep a sanitizer handy.
  • You would be considered a maniac if you were found to be carrying soap on the go all the time. You will not have access to a sink or a water source all the time in order to use the soap. Keeping a pocket sanitizer would be handy when you wish to grab a quick snack.
  • There is always a chance that other people’s germs can affect you. So in you are always around a group, or if you have to work with a group, it is useful to have a sanitizer which you can use before you eat. It can be used in schools or even in gyms which are a hot spot for germs. A drop before lifting those weights would be of great use.
  • In the current scenario with airborne respiratory diseases on the rise, it is crucial to minimize your exposure to germs from other people. Germs can travel into your body through the most miscellaneous ways. So it is very important to remain clean.
  • As controversial as this sounds, a hand sanitizer without alcohol can help in keeping your hands moist by ensuring that your hands are not stripped of their natural oils.

There are numerous benefits of using a hand sanitizer. Always use an eco-friendly disinfectant to ensure that you do your part towards saving your environment.

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Stay clean, Stay Safe!

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