7 Main Advantages of Furthering Your Education After College


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Whether you are currently studying, either full or part-time, at college and are eagerly planning your next educational move, or else are looking into further and higher education for your son, daughter, close friend, or partner, then you have certainly come to the right place.

Here, for your information and of course reading pleasure, are the main advantages of furthering your education after college, at undergraduate, postgraduate, and even doctorate levels.

Reasons to Go to University

If you have not yet decided whether or not you feel ready to go to university immediately after finishing high school or practical college or else are someone who is looking into revisiting education after a few years or more break, then it may well be helpful to look into the biggest advantages of going to university and studying an undergraduate degree.

1. The Salary Gap

One of the perhaps cruder, yet entirely true, reasons to consider applying to study a bachelor’s undergraduate degree at a reputable university and either commute from home, move into student dormitories, or study online, is the substantial wage gap between those who possess a university education and those who do not. 

A study conducted by professors working at Georgetown University, in 2021, found that even despite the outbreak of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic the previous year, people across the length and breadth of the United States who own a bachelor’s degree earn more than eighty percent more than those who stopped at high school education.

Furthermore, alongside the important general salary increase, it would also be pertinent to point out that those with a bachelor’s degree will also benefit from more substantial perks in the jobs they successfully obtain, such as a more comprehensive health plan and more detailed life insurance policies.

2. To Change the Way You Think

Although perhaps certainly upon the first read, this next point seems decidedly trite, the experience of attending university, either on a full or part-time basis, will revolutionize not only the way you apply yourself in your professional life, but also in a personal context as well. 

Further education will push you outside of your proverbial comfort zone and make you apply a different way of thinking and a new approach to your workload, what is more, you will have access to far more perspectives and people from all walks of life which will influence and improve your own attitudes and overall life ethos. 

Postgraduate Degrees 

If you are in a position where you either successfully completed your undergraduate degree a few years ago and now feel ready to move on to expanding your expertise in your chosen subject, or else are just coming to the end of your degree and want to carry on to postgraduate level, then you will be guaranteed to be afforded a myriad of benefits.

3. A Fantastic Way to Network

Perhaps not the primary reason why most people choose to apply to study for a master’s postgraduate degree, but certainly one which is guaranteed to be experienced is that such a degree will give you unprecedented access to professionals currently working in the field.

Obviously, an important part of your postgraduate studies will involve seminars, team, and individual research projects, and intensive lectures, but a renowned and reputable master’s program will also invite numerous guest speakers, with whom you can even professionally connect after the session. 

4. Employability in the International Market

It may well be the case that, up until now perhaps, you have had no interest or indeed no inclination to pursue an international career in your specific field and industry. 

However, after having studied for a postgraduate degree, you may well feel as if the proverbial door has opened into the international job market and the actual possession itself of a postgraduate degree will mean you are far more attractive to international employers. In addition, depending on the nature of the postgraduate degree itself, it is also entirely possible that as part of your studies, you will be given the opportunity to study abroad. 

5. Transform Yourself into a Specialist 

Generally, people who chose to embark upon a postgraduate degree do so for one of two primary reasons; to either deepen their understanding, knowledge, and expertise of their current specialism or else to change direction within the industry they are currently professionally invested in. 

One of the major selling points of a postgraduate degree is the supreme versatility and personalization opportunities provided to each and every student and it may well be that, even in the first few weeks, your passion and commitment to your chosen field will be absolutely cemented.

PHD & Doctorate Degrees

For those individuals who want to reach the top of the tree when it comes to their chosen subject and specialism, the natural advancement in terms of higher and further education is to pursue a Ph.D. or doctorate degree. A person with a doctorate degree, especially one as versatile and truly engaging and intensive as a dba online, has access to opportunities, educational adventures, and truly impactful pursuits which are entirely unrivaled.

6. Prestige & CV Enhancing Experiences

When embarking upon a reputable Ph.D. or doctorate program, you will be expected to produce an innovative, incredibly intensively, and thoroughly researched document, usually between eighty thousand and one hundred thousand words, which will be published under your name.

Such research will not only result in you being able to somewhat proudly call yourself a doctor in your specialism but will also mean you are amongst the most employable and desired set of people in your industry. 

7. Independent & Flexible Study

Even more so than a postgraduate degree, the successful pursuit of a doctorate or PHD degree will result in you basically being your own boss and managing your current roles and responsibilities with your degree program. 

Whether your doctoral degree is centered in humanities, the arts, science, and medicine, or business and business management, you and only you will be responsible for making genuinely impactful strides in your chosen field of specialism.

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