A Woman’s Touch is Magic: 3 Tips to Design Your Office


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‘Cleanliness is Godliness’ and this is not just a mere fact, it should be one’s motto if he/she is an entrepreneur in charge of a company.

That’s right! If you’re a woman who owns a creative store or is the CEO of a company, then your office must be spick and span.

Do you know why?

The reason is clients are mostly nitpicky! You might have an amazing leather portfolio or custom leather photo albums featuring your best work, but still, get rejected if your office desk looks like a mess. The reason being, your desk, the office space, your deportment, the style all reflect on your clients.

A cluttered office will make your clients assume that you’re disorganized, messy and not professional. So, naturally, they might not wish to spend money on you.

This is why your office space and desk must look prim and proper. Also, a feminine touch does wonders in an office desk.

So, sit tight and read these 3 tips to make your office look glamorous.

  1. De-Clutter 

Let’s assume you’re a fashion designer! Then your office might already feature state-of-the-art interior and classy decorations. However, if your desk is cluttered with say food, scattered newspapers, cuttings, pens, and loads of other things it will drag down your office aesthetics.

Now, imagine a client suddenly dropping by for a visit, and he/she comes face to face with all that clutter. (Way to ruin the reputation).

So, every day make sure to de-clutter and organize all the papers, separate junk and other store pens and stationery in proper places.

  1. Decorate

After you’re done with decluttering, the next step is to decorate your office space! You can do this by investing in a flower vase. Keep fresh flowers inside them to give your office a fresh and feminine feel.

Apart from this, you can keep a coffee cup with a coaster to avoid spillage. Additionally, you can decorate your desk by keeping custom leather photo albums. In these albums, keep images of your office staff, events, and other special occasions that signify your love for your trade. You can also input pictures of your family, like your baby’s picture, or your family vacation images and more.


Further, also keep coffee table books in a neat pile on your desk. You can also keep these in a bookshelf behind or beside your desk to give your office an easy-breezy vibe.

Lastly, the best option is to also buy office rugs and wallpaper to make your workroom look clean, crisp and aesthetic. One good option to pick is an authentic Persian rug for your office. For wallpapers, ensure to invest in cool, crisp designs, which are not overwhelming.

You can go for pastel shades, or minimalistic styles to give your workroom a simple yet classy demeanour.

  1. Keep a Desk Organizer

Pens and stationery are often necessities one cannot overlook in an office. However, keeping these strewn here and there isn’t a feasible option, right? So, simply invest in a desk organizer to store necessities like wallets, specs, scissors, pens, phone, keys etc.

Once these are kept in an organized pattern, your desk will look crisp and clean. On that note, ensure to flaunt your designer leather portfolio for women on your desk. This will help your clients check out your work in case they drop by suddenly.

Now, as soon as the beloved clients witness how prim, proper, and organized your work desk is he/she will be more inclined to give you projects.

So, there you go! These 3 pointers state how to organize your work desk to make it look sophisticated and professional. Thus, modify your desk today, and make sure you do not lose out on precious customers!


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