A Few Points to Remember When in a Car Accident

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Are you someone who considers themselves to be a safe driver? Car accidents aren’t always avoidable. Many circumstances may influence our driving even when we’re very cautious. There are also times when the other driver is negligent or irresponsible and crashes into you.

Whatever the scenario, as a driver, you need to be aware of what to do when you’re involved in an accident to save you from any unforeseen consequences.

Check for Injuries

Check whether you or your passengers have sustained any injuries. Sometimes the pain isn’t felt immediately, so you should be careful and still see a doctor even if you feel fine. If there are serious injuries and you or anyone in the vehicle can’t move, call an emergency number immediately.

Assess Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is obstructing traffic and you can drive it, then move it to safety. You should put on your hazards and if you have any road flares in your emergency kit, use them. This lets other road users know that they should be careful. 

Alternatively, you should leave your vehicle until the police arrive, especially if there were serious injuries. If it’s only a fender bender, then the cops might not come to the scene. You would then have to report the accident at your nearest police station.

Record Information

Get all the necessary information about the other driver.

  • Their full name and contact information
  • Insurance Company and Number
  • License plate number 
  • If the driver isn’t the vehicle owner, get the owner’s details.

Document the Details of the Accident


If possible, make a diagram of the accident, indicating where the cars are positioned. Use arrows to specify the direction in which the vehicles were moving. Record the weather conditions, date, and time.


If there were witnesses, take down all their information as well as the police officers’ information.


Take photos of the accident scene from different angles and the damage to the vehicles involved.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Give your insurance company all the information they need so that they can start processing the claim.


Don’t enter into any discussions with the other driver about the details concerning the accident.

One of the things you can do after the event is to consult a car accident lawyer. These attorneys provide you with peace of mind, mentions one source, and oversee the claim and any other proceedings to ensure that you’re treated fairly.

Post-traumatic Stress

Dealing with the repercussions of a traumatic event can be difficult. There’s nothing that can calm the nerves and repair all of the pain and damage which results from a car crash.

You might experience signs of PTSD almost immediately or weeks later. It could be sleepless nights, unexplained anxiety, or having difficulty forgetting the incident. If talking about it with a friend or family member doesn’t help, then seek medical aid.

In Conclusion

It might be difficult to remember all these pointers, but it could prevent more serious legal complications in the future. So take a breath and record all the important information as mentioned, keeping in mind to check for any injuries. 

If it’s a very minor fender bender, then going to the police station could be the easiest option after taking down the necessary details of the event.

Report the incident as soon as possible to your insurance company to ensure speedy action. If you’re unsure of any of the legal proceedings, contact a lawyer who can assist you.  This is highly recommended, especially if there are some serious injuries.

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