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Only recently engagement skull rings have gained so much popularity. Due to the growth of CAD jewelry, it has gained a lot of popularity among men and women. Women who are ‘biker chicks’, this is one design that they would have never thought of going and thus this is not only growing popular but is also becoming a favorite even for the ‘biker boys’. 

Thus with such popularity, the number of jewelers who used to make then have increased as well and you would find so many online stores as well. Therefore couples are now doing something out of the box and without going for the conventional delicate and intricate ring designs are going for this. 

But it is important that you do some thorough research when you are thinking about committing to wearing such a ring your whole life. 

Skull Engagement Ring is a Part of Custom Jeweler 

Though rockers and bikers have always worn skull jeweler in the past, now it is being accepted by all. Many celebrities have been wearing this in front of the public eye. Even men, most of the times, shop for skull rings as their wedding engagement skull ring. If you are infatuated with how the skull would look and what they mean, then doing some research would do you pretty well. 

Skull Meaning

What is most appealing to the whole seeking of seeking skull engagement ring is where the thrill lies.  Most of the time a skull would symbolize the mortality and also the death. This, you could wear to symbolize, the end of an enemy; a loved one and also another phase of your life which you wanted to get over. 

Skulls would always represent the rebirth of a new life in which you would be the one reincarnating oneself. But the majority of people would believe that the skull represents the shortness of life. And these are some of the few reasons as to why it has been earning so much of popularity indicating and representing the practicality of life. 

And in fact, many jewelers, you would now see selling skull engagement ring for you and your lover. When you are going for custom rings, they would be heavy duty and would have intricate designs as well. 

Skull Ring Iterations 

You could most of the time cast skull rings in whatever metal you would like. Silver and gold are the most standby metal that people go for but you could go for some exotic metals as well as long as you have the right budget. 

You could go for Platinum, Palladium and there would be so many designs that you could choose from and customize it the way you want. You could go for various precious stones as well as gems which would sometimes be there in the eye socket. Some would also have gems on the edges and most of the times people would add diamonds in it. 

Thus, these would help you make the right decision regarding your engagement skull rings and how you want to customize it. Get a quality one from various certified jewelers and do not go for a cheap one.    

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