9 Most Important Tips to know before Developing a Mobile App


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In this fast-paced and ever-evolving generation of Technology and life, mobile and mobile apps have become an integral part of a person’s life. There is an app for anything and everything in the market. Be it an alarm that wakes you up, the calendar telling your activities for the day, travel apps, food delivery apps, ticket booking app, Money Transfer apps, learning apps, and the list goes on and on. From a shop on the pavement to a multi-billion dollar earning company, everyone has a mobile app to reach their existing customers and increase the new customer base.

With the advent of the internet and mobile phones, everything has taken a shift to the online existence. The mobile app makes it very easy for the Businessman to provide the services quickly and also it is very convenient for the customers to choose and order what they want.

There are thousands of apps available on the market but only very few apps are known and wanted by the customers. Here are 9 tips that will make you understand and build an app that will be in the most wanted list in the field of mobile apps.

Mobile applications or mobile apps are software programs that are run on the platforms of a mobile device such as a mobile or a tablet.

9 Tips to know before developing a mobile app:

  1. Know your customer: Customer is God, this is a basic fact for any business or application. Know exactly what the customer wants to see in an app and understand the requirements so that it is very easy and simple for you to build and customer to use.
  2. Answer The 3W: Think like the user of the app and answer this 3W. Why use this new app and no other that is already available? What new features, options this app is offering? When is the app available and for how much?
  3. Know the Past Present Future Once you get the answers to the questions why when and what the customer is expecting, then it is time for you to understand the past present and future of the app you want to develop. What are the negatives of the past apps in the same genre so that you won’t repeat the same mistakes. Use the present and latest technology by best people to build a simple and powerful app. Be aware of what the future trend or issues that could be seen and be prepared for facing them and have a head-on in the market.
  4. Latest technology: day by day new coding languages presentation techniques and the technology used in developing and presenting an ap are changing. Get the latest technology to build and launch the app and also to track and maintain all the various stages of the app development right from the stage of requirement till it has been released along with the customer feedback intake.
  5. Price it right: Pricing of an app is tough but most important decisions taken while you are releasing in the market. Keeping the budget you have spent from the starting stage of building the app with the people involved in the process and the technology being used the amount spent on advertising and also and is beating futurist one has to set the price for the app. Price has to be decided in such a way that it is reachable to more customers and also beneficial for the developing person.
  6. Hire the right people: the quality of the people you hire determines the quality of the app. Hire a mobile app developer with good technical qualification and experience. Then app building time will be less and also the risk and issues faced as per his earlier apps can be used as an advantage here to eliminate those.
  7. Test and Release: thing in the course of developing has to be recorded and to be tested properly stage wise and also once the whole app is completed test it like a user and then release it to the market so that it won’t create any issues or incur any losses. Any issues seen after a release of an app will not only make the customer and happy but the app will lose its credibility.
  8. Ratings and Reviews: One of the most effective ways is to check the ratings and reviews provided by the users for the equivalent apps that are already in the market so that you will know exactly what the customer wants.
  9. Presentation and advertising: No matter the effort you have put in to build the app It wouldn’t reach high customer base unless it is advertised properly. The app has to be simple and the description should be precise so that any user who opens the app will be easily able to understand with 2-3 lines of description and by seeing the pictures.

There is an app for anything and everything. With a proper approach and the tips develop an app with whole new customer experience and satisfaction.

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