8 Tips for Choosing an Accountant for Your Limited Company


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When you have a small or limited business, your most important decision is going to be hiring an accountant for it. You should find an accountant near me because he or she can help your business to grow. The accountant should be right for your business because if your business falls in the hand of a wrong one then its health will be detrimental. You must make one thing clear that you must not open your books in front of just anyone.

Most of the owners of small business have admitted that their particular accountant is the most valuable advisor for their business. A good accountant doesn’t only keep your books in order, he or she can also help you with tax planning along with ensuring that all your tax deadlines are met.

It is not easy tasks for everyone to know- how to choose the right accountant for their limited company. You will need guidance. So,

here are 8 important tips to guide you to find best accountant for your business:

  • Clarify Your Business Needs:

When you consider to hire an accountant, you need to ask a question: why want an accountant? If you know for what tasks you are hiring an accountant, then it will be much easier for you to find the best accountant.

  • Qualification:

You must be ensure that the accountants from whom you want to zeroed down one accountant are well qualified. Most firm members are part of recognized accountancy bodies.

  • Experience:

When you are hiring an accountant for your limited company, you must make sure that he or she has the experience to deal with similar small business or other small businesses. With a specialist accountant you will be better off rather than any general firm.

  • Fee Charges:

You must now details of the fees your accountant will charge for completing your tasks. Will the accountant charge annually or monthly? What will be the charge for extra tasks outside your agreed tasks?

  • Services Your Accountant is Going to Provide

If you have already planned to hire a particular accountant then you must know what services that accountant can provide for your business. Yes they will perform the standard tasks, but can they also provide mortgage references, complete self-assessment returns?

  • Search Several Firms:

When you are determined to hire an accountant then you should contact several firms. You need to get the feel of how it is to be a client from the first dealings with these firms. You must feel through the interactions that you will be able to build a decent relationship. Your intuition can guide you here. You can also ask to interact with various accountants before signing up.

  • Smaller Firms But Great Service:

Though there is nothing as small and big firms when it comes to handling accounts with great responsibility, yet the size of firm makes them called small or big. There are many instances where smaller firms are better to understand small or limited company’s specific needs than some big firms.

  • Communication Is Important:

When it comes to completing any tasks, there must be no communication gap, poor or lack of communication, between the accountant and the client and also the HMRC or Companies House and the accountant. Many problems arise just because of the communication gap. You must ensure that there is no communication gap whatsoever.

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