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Your best friend’s birthday is right around the corner. She detests partying, probably because she can’t tolerate the glass rings on her mahogany coffee table, or the idea of shouting over obnoxious college kids at the bar. Perhaps she would rather enjoy an apple crumb cake all by herself. Even if someone says they prefer a quiet night at home, you can perhaps entice them by saying that their day comes only once a year, and everyone is excited to honor their big day. What your friend is likely saying is that she wants something different, and out of the ordinary. So, before you get ready to break out some piñatas and unload the crates of drinks and and munchies, why not consider a unique party theme for your friend’s birthday party? Listed below are 7 trending ideas that will help you choose an event space for the party.

1) The Endless Pampering Spree

Nothing seems as fun and enjoyable as a sleep-over style party, right? Well, it’s time to twist things up a little bit so that you and your girlfriends can enjoy a wholesome night of partying, catching up and unwinding at the same time. Bring your clay masks, detox sheets and facial kits for the ultimate pampering spree. It’s time to forget about the daily grind and unwind with a mani/pedi for the night. Play some nostalgic tunes on your stereo and dance along while bringing in a massage or skincare professional to work the crowd. This is a much-needed break.

2) The Netflix Binge

There are few things more relaxing than a slice of pepperoni pizza and some wine while watching your favorite movies. Choose a list of rom-coms or chick flicks and get into the mode of partying and hanging back with your girls. Make everyone feel at home by scattering a couple of sleeping bags and a few extra cushions all across the room. Play some movie soundtracks on the radio to set the mood and dance the night away when you get too tired of watching your shows.

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3) The Potluck or Cake Swap

Okay, we get it – you don’t want pizza again. Instead, all of your girlfriends can decide on a dish to bring to the birthday party as a potluck, and engage in a cake swap as well. If you’re not much of a cook, then we have another idea that’s even better. Look up and make your best recipes of sauces and dips for the birthday party. Place munchies such as chips and veggies on the table so that everyone can have a great time enjoying the comfort food. Or for a gourmet option, step it up with a professional caterer who will take your snack ideas to the next level. For the cake swap, you can bake your favorite cookies, cupcakes, brownies or cakes for the birthday party and indulge your sweet tooth.

4) The High Tea

You can decide to splurge on yourself at least once in a while, right? Pre-game at your friend’s place and bring your best dresses to wear to the birthday party. You can book a home stylist for the make-up, or simply take turns pampering each other up. Go for the entire thing – use those fancy bath bombs you’ve been saving, and style each other’s hair just like Audrey Hepburn would with a hair dryer on her mantle. Reserve a room or an event space for a high-tea at a hotel or a restaurant and wear the fancy pair of heels. Have your fans and veils ready – it is showtime.

5) The Themed Era Party

The 70’s was an amazing era of fashion and cinema –disco pumps and floral dresses were the rage. For the 70’s themed birthday party, deck out your party venue in san Diego like roller-skating rink and play some old 70’s tunes at the jukebox. You can get together and design your clothes or you can simply raid the thrift shops for old clothing and vintage decorations.

For other theme ideas, you can go for a futuristic sci-fi party or an 80s’ Hughes themed party as well. Take inspiration from ‘Pretty in Pink’, ‘The Breakfast Club’ and ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and throw an 80’s themed party to look like your local school or the gym. You can dress up according to Hughes’ quirky characters and indulge in beer pong or board games such as bingo. Play the soundtracks from the movies and end the night with Hughes’ movies.

6) The Scavenger Hunt

If masquerades and dressing-up aren’t your thing, we’re about to take everyone on an old-fashioned birthday scavenger hunt. Design clues with the help of your friends that leads to a dinner at your venue. To make a day of it, you all can pick a sport to play early in the afternoon, such a volleyball, or go fishing at a nearby lake. You can also rent bicycles on an hourly basis, and indulge in your scavenger hunt at the same time.

7) The Backyard Themed Party

If you’re out of party venues and are clueless where to hold your shindig, then throw a luau or a barbecue for your friends at a venue, and set it up like a casual backyard gathering. For the luau, you can create a Hawaiian themed party with cocktails, pineapples and grass skirts.

You can also cater the food according to specific themes; for instance, go for a Gatsby-themed affair and greet everybody like the upper crust of society. If you want an open air party, then an outdoor deck will come in handy. Turn up the music with your own DJ and enjoy the night air with a cocktail in hand.

A birthday is the chance to relax and reconnect with your closest friends at least once every year. It is also a great way to surprise your best friend and make them feel special. To throw an amazing and unforgettable event for your friend’s birthday party, reserve the date at deck655 and start planning the occasion at this unique and modern downtown venue.

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