7 Things To Do Before Buying A Water Purifier For Your Home


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Before you begin comparing water purifier price lists in India, there are some things you should keep in mind. Read this article to know what they are!

When you install the best water purifier at home, you take a step towards protecting your family from drinking contaminated water. We all know drinking contaminated water is the cause of many deadly diseases, and to get rid of waterborne diseases it is important that we filter the water before consumption. When you talk about filtering water, it is not just installing any water purifier. It is important to research and then buy a water purifier.

There are seven things you need to do before you finalise one.

1. Knowing the Level of Contamination in the Water– Water can be contaminated by minerals, metals, and chemicals. Knowing the level of contamination and the types of contaminants can greatly help in deciding the right water purifier. Get a free test done to know the contamination levels of your drinking water.

2. Checking the Quality of Water You Get– The quality is determined by the number of minerals in the water. Some of the minerals may be the essential ones, while others may not. So, when you plan to purchase a water purifier, make sure that the model comes with a TDS controller that can help retain all the essential minerals in water.

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3. Identify the Place to Mount or Keep It– You can opt for wall mounted, counter top or under the counter purifiers. First identify the space where you will mount it, and then look for that option. From basic filtration units to RO+UV, all can be mounted as per space limitations.

4. The Amount of Water You Need to Store– The size of every family is different, and when you are looking for a water purifier keep in mind the number of members that you have in your family. . A bigger storage is required for a larger family and vice versa. Similarly, if you live in an area with frequent power cuts, it would be better to opt for a purifier with a bigger storage unit. This ensures you have clean drinking water even during power cuts.

5. Ensuring the Price of the Purifier– Though there is no price for the health of your family, you do need to check out the water purifier price list. Companies offer several options in line with budgetary restrictions, thereby, allowing everyone to invest in clean drinking water.

6. Study the Brands Available– You may be tempted to buy a non-branded water purifier offering the same mechanism at a lower cost. The thing to remember – brands ensure high-quality materials and mechanisms have been used to manufacture the water purifier filter. A good brand will offer warranties and AMCs along with a quick and efficient after-sales service.. , while a non-branded one will be difficult to reach once the sale is complete.

7. Get a Free Demo– Most companies are willing to come to your home and office to offer a free demo. If you are not comfortable for them coming to your home, go online and chat with the customer care. The representatives have in-depth knowledge about the products and can act as guides – helping you choose a water purifier that fits perfectly with your needs.

In conclusion, the only criterion should not be water purifier prices in India. You need to keep the above seven considerations in mind to provide your family clean drinking water.

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