7 Things to Consider When Buying Salon Scheduling Software


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When it comes to management software, efficiency is everything. With the help of this, salon owners can save more time and effort in running their business. But that scheduling management software is best?

There are so many salon scheduling management system programs today, and each seems to promise salon owners the best result. This is why you should be very careful in choosing the right Salon Scheduling Software for your salon. As a salon owner, you must know first what this software can do for you. This way, you will know whether it is capable of delivering the services it promises or not.

1.    Must Check the Technology:

One of the things you should check on when choosing salon software is the technology used in it. Make sure the salon computer program that you will purchase has enough technology to make the salon business more efficient. It would be a pity if the software is not updated to cater to the new needs of the salon industry.

2.    User-Interface:

Another thing to consider when choosing scheduling management software is the interface. This is the way the software will be operated. You need to make sure the salon scheduling management software you will purchase can be operated by the salon’s employees. Check out the user interface in different salon computer programs before you buy one. You may even want to play around with the different programs so you can find out which makes it easier to operate or easier to understand.

3.    Basic Services in Software:

One thing salon owners should always bear in mind when choosing scheduling software for the salon is the service included in the package. Be sure not to get the cheapest price when buying salon scheduling management software. Instead, look for a software package that offers the basic services as well as those that are more advanced. This way, you can always upgrade your salon computer system later on when the technology becomes more advanced and your staff grows.

4.    Easy to Use:

The interface of the salon scheduling programs is usually designed such that it can be used easily by salon managers. Most Salon Scheduling Software has their log-in area where salon managers can log in and manage their businesses. Some salon schedulers offer a virtual terminal for salon managers. If you opt for a salon management program with virtual terminals, make sure you can easily log into your salon computer system from any location no matter where you are.

5.    Customer Support Service:

Another feature to consider is the customer support service offered by salon scheduling management software. You need to make sure that the software you will choose has the features that can be of help to you. Some of these include a help file where you can document the help needed by your staff members, a tutorial section where you can train your staff members on how to use the tools, and a helpdesk section where you can post your helpdesk email address. Some salon software offers live chat support from their support staff so that you can chat with them immediately if there are problems in scheduling a salon appointment.

6.    Technical Support:

Make sure you also check out salon scheduling management software’s technical support. Technical support can also be a good source of information about upgrades or repairs that you might need to make. It is also important to consider the software’s licensing and certification status. Different Salon Scheduling Software providers offer different licenses so make sure you choose one that has the license that fits your salon business’ requirements.

7.    Capable to Create Schedule and Appointments:

Good software should be able to perform several functions. It should have the capability of creating schedules for salons, scheduling appointments for clients, and generate reports on these appointments. Some salon management software can even allow salon owners and stylists to manage multiple clienteles simultaneously. It should have an efficient reporting system that allows salon owners to keep track of clients who canceled their appointments and those who haven’t, as well as generate reminder calls to salon clients before they are due.

  • For salon scheduling management software to be effective, it should not only be able to generate reports on salon clients but it should also be able to prevent the loss or theft of salon equipment.
  • Most scheduling software comes with anti-theft features that allow it to automatically close doors when the risk of loss or theft is too high. Wellyx will ensure that your salon remains safe and secure at all times.


Scheduling management software allows salon owners and salon stylists to maximize the time spent in the salon and focus more attention on other tasks. This will allow salon owners to run their business more efficiently, as they are no longer wasting precious time that could have been spent in running the salon. This can also help salon owners and stylists cut their salon’s operating costs and increase their revenues by cutting operational expenses. Since most equipment used in a salon is very costly, a salon scheduling management software can greatly benefit salon owners and stylists by reducing the need to buy new equipment and maintain the old one.

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