7 Simple Fitness Tips for Business Professionals


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Looking from an evolutionary point of view, human beings were not supposed to be sitting on a chair in front of a desk for the major part of the day. Anatomically, they should be spending most of their time standing upright. Unfortunately, a large section of the population has adopted a lifestyle which demands to be non-ambulatory for long periods of time. Moreover, because of the immense work pressure and stiff competition from all areas, you tend to be extremely busy as well. Consequently, your health, food habits relationships, past times etcetera take a back seat. You may often be wishing that a day comprised of more than 24 hours so that you could pursue more activities in that extended period.

Research has pointed out that people who engage in an excessive amount of work may feel more secure financially but many health issues crop up, and they tend to feel more insecure and lonelier, personally. It is also common to skip meals or go for unhealthy alternatives, just because they are easy to procure and eat. At the end of the day, if you assess yourself, you will soon realize that you stand at a worse position than what you were before. However hard it may seem, there are certain tips that you can follow to start walking on the road to fitness, and there are enough examples and feedbacks that assure that it works. A list has been shared below, and you can take a look and start following it for positive results.

Get a standing desk

Sounds different, right? Well, it is a very feasible and convenient way to stop spending a considerable time of the day sitting and staring at a computer screen for long. No, you don’t have to invest in any fancy furniture to get yourself a standing desk. A simple tool on which you can prop up your computer and desktop should do just fine. According to ergonomic, there should be a distance of at least 20 feet between your eyes and the screen and your elbow should bend at a perfect L and rest on a table. In case you have a laptop, consider getting a portable keyboard to solve your purpose.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stand for hours. Keep alternating between standing, sitting and walking and use comfortable socks or shoe and a yoga mat. You will notice an improvement in your posture as well.

Do a 7-minute workout

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If hitting a gym is impossible for you in your daily schedule, you could dedicate only 7 minutes for your fitness. A 7-minute morning workout routine can work wonders both for your body and your mind.

The regime is quite intense and has squats, lunges, planks, push-ups etcetera included in it, and you are sure to break a sweat in doing so. You can look up the different workout patterns on the internet and choose the one that you find most suitable.

Eat mindfully

Since you are very busy, it becomes challenging for you to count the calories and eat healthy food. All you care about is how quickly the food is available at the counter and how rapidly you can gobble it down. This has multiple demerits. Your nutrition levels go for a toss, you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals, and you even tend to feel lethargic during the day. On continuing for a long time, obesity, diabetes and other systemic problems set in.

Therefore, making your meals a priority and eating mindfully is essential. Consume a lot of salads and fruits during the day, munch on nuts in between meals, choose superfoods, and you will see the change. You could even take the help of some healthy supplements like grass-fed proteins and vitamin pills to substitute your daily intake of this nutrition.

Take a walk at lunch

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If you eat and continue sitting, all the food that you just had will get converted into fat and get stored in your body at not so favourable places. Therefore, it is important to utilize whatever you have just taken in. Go for a brisk walk after lunch.

This will also fasten your metabolism process and improve your digestion. Moreover, it is going to be beneficial socially as well, as you could use this walk to catch up and spend some time with someone you care about and deviate your mind a little bit.

Ditch your bad habits

People with very busy jobs tend to smoke a lot or eat unhealthily and even consume an excessive amount of alcohol to deal with the stress. You have no idea how much destruction you are causing to your body in the process. Though it is easier said than done, take a voluntary decision to let go of these habits.

If you like eating sweets a lot, substitute it with dark chocolate. Be around people who don’t indulge in smoking and drinking much so that you are not forced into it. The point is, you have to be consciously aware of the problems that you are cooking up and look to avoid them completely.

Relieve stress


You can do anything that works for you to relieve the stress that you are subjected to day in and out. Some might like to go out for a movie, and some might like to listen to music, some might even like to clean.

The purpose of doing this is to detach from the mundane lifestyle for a brief period of time and doing what you love, without any pressure whatsoever. Pursuing a hobby is one of the top things that you can do to calm yourself down.

Lastly, do nothing for two minutes

Silence is therapeutic. Dedicate at least two minutes a day to not to do absolutely anything. Just sit and lie down quietly and cut off from the world completely. Switch off your brain from all the pressures. You will notice that you can work much better thereafter.

However busy you are in your everyday professional life, these simple tips will surely go a long way in making your life a simpler and healthier one.

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