7 Grave Mistakes that Human Resources Management Must Avoid


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Mistakes can be the best learning experience and it provides more opportunities. However, it is better not to make mistakes in the first place especially with human resources management because it will definitely be a complicated process to resolve any problems.

Remember that the human resources management is the central nervous system of a company or business. It connects all other departments and convey important messages and policies across the board. It is costly to make mistakes that will shoot down the business process.

Because HR has a crucial role on keeping the company running everyday, HR managers and staff need to avoid the following mistakes:

Out-of-date employee handbook

in every company, no matter what size is, should have an updated employee handbook. If the business’s employee handbook does not contain the current dos and don’ts in writing, there will be a trouble in the long run. Also, changes in the laws should be put it the handbook because an outdated information may alter the policy application to the company and its employees.

The recommended interval time for handbook update is two years and all employees should sign an acknowledgment form stating that they received the publication and will abide by its policies.
The company’s employee handbook should contain the following:

• code of conduct
• employment and termination guidelines
• compensation and benefits
• communications policy
• nondiscrimination policy

Ineffective documentation

In corporate reality, it is the right of the company to do everything possible to protect their business from lawsuits. One of the best ways to do it through the proper and in detailed manner of documentation regarding on what’s going inside the company such as employee misbehavior and poor performance . in this way, the company will have something at their disposal in the event of a lawsuit.

Futile hiring process

This is perhaps one of the popular mistakes that HR department make. There are times that the interviewer is not sure with what questions to ask and sometimes, things that should be cleared on the interview are never convened properly. HR manager should have enough time to review or evaluate each candidate and make sure to come up with a decision on who to hire based on the requirement of the job post and goal of the company.

Absence of complaint outlets

This is also the same with a place for feedback. The company should create a channel where employees can file for complaints. The channel should be known and explained to the employees to make it effective. It also helps the employees to know whom they should speak with in regards with their problem in the company.

Playing favorites

If you have any favorite person or like somebody more than the others, then it is called “playing favorites” and it is also present in any company or businesses. However, this behavior or culture should not be tolerated in the office. This will affect the working environment and relationships among employees. It will demoralize the people and may eventually affect the work productivity indirectly.

Unclear onboarding process

If the human resources department has a clear and defined onboarding plan and process, it will help the employees contribute something helpful as soon as possible. It helps them to feel confident in their respective role as an important part of the company’s success. If the HR has a good onboarding practice, it will provide an in-depth overview of the company and it will be consistently delivering what is needed for the business.

Incomplete profiles of every employee

In any organization, it is important that it keeps the employee profiles updated all the time for compliance reasons. These profiles should include the work history, basic information, salary details, and alike. HR managers should keep abreast in employment laws and regulations to better manage all the employees.

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