7 Fun Hobbies You Can Start Right Away


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Everyone should have at least one hobby. Hobbies are good for your mental health as they give you something to focus on outside of your worries and anxieties. They can also be good for your physical health, depending on how much activity is involved. Plus they can help you to meet new people and find out more about yourself. All of this is extremely positive.

You might already have a burning desire to do something in particular – maybe you have already started whatever it may be. However, if you know that you would like to take up a hobby but don’t yet know what that hobby might be, there are some great ideas for you to consider.


Stargazing, or astronomy to call it by its technical term, is a fantastic hobby. Not only is it fascinating, giving you an insight into a whole new world that is astonishing and interesting, but it is also extremely relaxing. Plus, it doesn’t take much to get started. You can start by researching online and watching videos that other people have taken of the solar system. You might then decide to join a local stargazing group so that you can discuss what you see with other people.

Alternatively – or as well as – you might purchase a telescope from this website so that you can enjoy stargazing from your own backyard. This can be especially enjoyable with a mug of cocoa and some snacks, particularly when there is a big event like a meteor shower predicted.


Gardening is a hugely therapeutic hobby. Even if you don’t have your own yard, you might be able to use a friend’s or relative’s or even hire some space in a communal garden. Or you might choose to do indoor gardening, growing vegetables or plants in pots out on a balcony or even on a windowsill as long as it gets enough light.

That’s one of the great things about gardening; you can take the aspects of it that you like and enjoy those while bypassing the rest. So if you only have a small yard, or you like to prune bushes but not mow the lawn, or you enjoy growing flowers but not vegetables, you can do exactly what you want and still enjoy the results.


Everyone likes to be able to remember important events, and for some memories and photos are enough. However, it can be fun to scrapbook things that happen in your life, collecting small pieces such as napkins or menus, ticket stubs, wristbands, or anything else that has to do with interesting events in your life.

Simply collect the pieces, and then you can stick them into a scrapbook that you and your family can look back on in years to come. It doesn’t take much, and once you start to collect these items, it will soon become second nature.  


Cooking is a hobby that has a very useful practical element to it – everyone needs to eat, after all, and the better the food, the more enjoyable that eating really is. Plus there is something wonderfully fulfilling and satisfying about feeding yourself and others with food you have made completely from scratch.

You can use online tutorials and videos to learn how to cook from the comfort of your own home if that is how you learn better, and in doing this you can use your own tools and utensils. Otherwise, you can find many different courses at local colleges and schools or even individuals who run these courses. Whatever you want to learn more about, whether it is cooking more healthily, vegetarian food, specific world cuisines, baking, or more, there will be a video or a course for you.


Writing isn’t just a fun hobby; it’s one you can do with little to no outlay too. You don’t need any particular tools or pieces of equipment to be able to write – a pen and a piece of paper, a laptop, or a smartphone are enough to get started. Which one you use will depend on your budget and what you prefer. Some writers like to handwrite everything in a notepad first, and some prefer to type things on an old typewriter, for example. Experiment to find out what works best for you.

You also don’t need to learn anything to be able to write, so you don’t have to attend any courses unless you want to – creative writing courses can be a lot of fun, but they aren’t compulsory. All you really need is your imagination and some free time to write. You will pick up your own skills and techniques as you go along until you are writing in your own voice.


Many people love yoga and feel it helps them to be calmer and more mindful, as well as keeping them fit and healthy. It is the kind of hobby that you can take part in regularly, building up your strength and your enjoyment levels. You can do it in a group with friends, making it even more fun, or you can do it at home when you have five minutes to spare if you are extremely busy; you could even do both.

Yoga is extremely rewarding and will help you to remain flexible, easing your muscles and joints. It is ideal for those who feel stressed as it is a calm, meditative way of exercising that allows you to reduce your stress levels while you are also being good to your body.


Reading can be done any time in any place, and since it is a quiet and solitary hobby, no one will ever mind you doing it. Take a book with you wherever you go, or download eBooks to a device – there are hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from, many of them free or at least very cheap.

Reading will expand your vocabulary and give you a broader view of the world, and it will fire up your imagination, helping you to enjoy life so much more.

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