7 Cleaning Services Market Trends You Should Know About


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Cleaning service is no longer an out-of-reach service but is now a need for many property owners. As per the latest estimates, the cleaning services market is a US $54 billion industry which is expected to grow at a rate of 6-8 % annually. This industry is expected to create many new jobs in the coming years. The growth of domestic cleaning services is a result of a higher number of working women and vacant properties.

What are cleaning services?

Cleaning services is a term used to represent companies that carry out cleaning jobs in commercial as well as residential places. They use a wide variety of cleaning methods and techniques in the cleaning process. The work scope includes all types of cleaning including floors, tiles, walls, ceilings, lighting, furniture, windows etc.

Types of cleaning services

Cleaning is a necessary activity for all. If not done on time, it even might add more workload for an individual. The cleaning business is, in fact, a big industry as most individuals either don’t like doing it or don’t know how to do it properly. The types of cleaning services include:

  • Residential cleaning: This is the most popular type of cleaning service. It is also commonly known as maid service or janitor service. The general housework of cleaning floors, tiles, furniture etc. is included in this service.
  • Commercial cleaning: This is the service provided for the cleaning of offices and business buildings. The service is usually provided after working hours, at night or on weekends. The cleaning companies even combine residential and commercial services in some cases as many offices have kitchens and showers.
  • Carpet cleaning: In both commercial and residential areas, carpet cleaning services are provided. They ensure the proper treatment, sanitation and deodorizing of carpets. With the right expertise and machines, the companies do a fine job.
  • Steam cleaning: Steam cleaning is generally provided for carpet and furniture cleaning. Professional cleaners know how to treat a specific surface. One example of a machine used is heated carpet extractor.
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7 Market trends of cleaning services you should know about

  • Necessity, not a luxury

Earlier the females of households used to take care of home services and cleaning. But this was about 20 years ago. Now for progressive women who spend most of their time at work, it becomes very difficult to manage cleaning chores at home. It was considered a luxury for noble households, but now it has become a necessity with changes in choices of activities done by women and an increase in income of a house.

  • Providing easier services for clients

With advancement in the use of the internet for all chores, clients prefer to pay through e-transfer or credit/debit cards. The new trend of moving toward technology is also applicable for cleaning services. Providing useful and easy apps and software to clients allows companies to become stronger and compete with other companies.

  • Role of Social media

Social media is everywhere. Whether it is buying furniture from an online store or availing construction services, social media is playing an important role in all spheres. Instagram is the new platform being used by cleaning service providers to sell their services. It offers a wider reach and effective photograph editing tools help in making an impact. IGTV is a bonus for businesses including cleaning services to promote their services.

  • Typing rather than talking
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Many companies already have Facebook pages and therefore are on messenger. So, clients find it much easier to directly message companies according to their convenience rather than calling on working hours and waiting for someone to get online. Also, with the introduction of chatbots, customized messages can now be sent directly without any delay.

  • Offer more to expect more

Every cleaning business wants employees who are trained and can provide better services. These services are responsible for the reputation of a company. So, if an employee deserves more, employers are paying them well so that they provide better services for a better reputation.

  • Value-added services

Cleaning service business now offering additional services to clients, without any extra charges, to ensure customer satisfaction. For instance, many providers are now offering round the clock services which allows customers to avail the services as per their convenience.

  • Better Equipment

Cleaning providers are now investing heavily in acquiring latest cleaning equipment. This has led to a significant improvement in the quality of services being offered and has led to customers being more satisfied with these services.

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The prospects for the cleaning industry are very promising as higher-income households and commercial establishments are spending significant amounts on these services. .

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