7 Amazing Phone Funtions You have No idea

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Everyone use the phone but very few of them use the phone of its fullest. Generally, people use phones for surfing social media, messaging, and clicking photos. Do you know that you can hide your number in every outgoing call you make? Have a look at the amazing phone functions you must try

Phone Functions You Should Try

1.Whole Reinstallation

If you want to set everything in your phone from starting, in general, you do this by reset factory settings. You can reset the phone by using this code * 2 7 6 7 * 3 8 5 5 #. This will not only remove your phone’s files but also reinstall your phone’s firmware. Think before doing it, once you press this, all the files will be removed from the phone. This will only work on Android device.

2. Make your phone appearance black & white

Yes, you can make your phone black & white with this simple trick. Head to the settings and navigate to about phone. Go to build number and press it 4 times and developer option will be enabled for you.

Head to Setting again -> System -> Developer options -> Simulate Color Space -> Monochromacy

Yes, your phone has changed to black & white mode.

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3.Statistics & Secret Menu

*#*#4636#*#*: This is code which is used for various purpose i.e. phone information, usage statistics, and wifi information. You can see the phone IMEI, ping, network and many other details about the phone. You can also check battery and CPU usage along with other information like battery health,  and temperature.

4. Better Communication

You can improve the communication quality of the phone but reduces the battery life. Dial the code: *3370# ( This is only available for iPhone users). Once you activate this code, you have to prepare for less battery life of the phone. Your phone battery will die soon than usual. You can deactivate this anytime just by pressing #3370#.

5. Check your phone IMEI number

We can need our phone’s IMEI number at any time. The simple code *#06# is available for Android and iPhone both for checking IMEI number of your phone. IMEI is a unique code for your phone which is useful when you lost your phone or while selling the phone. When your phone is stolen, you can block your device by using IMEI number. You never know when you really need it. IMEI number helped me to sell my phone without any hassle.

6. Signal Information

Do you think so that graphics mode is always correct and show you the right level of the signal? You can check the signal information just by using code. ( This is only available to iPhone users). Enter the code * 3 0 0 1 # 1 2 3 4 5 # * then press and hold power until the off slider appears and press the home button. Keep in mind that -140DB is the worst signal and -40DB is a good signal.

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7. Number Identification

Turn on or off number identification by using the code *#30#. By pressing this you can you can also find out who is calling you if he/she didn’t turn off number identification. Use incognito mode for hiding your identity. This is only applicable for iPhone users.

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