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For the legal services, using the landing pages is a prominent step as statistics reveal that businesses that link the ads to a landing page instead of the home page get more leads. The primary aim to design a landing page is to convert the visitors into leads. For ushering the visitors towards the next action, here are a few tips that will help you to design the landing pages of your firm.

Focusing on a Single Topic

The landing page of the best law firm website design should focus on a single practice area or the specific service you offer. Apart from this, the page must clearly differentiate the services highlighted on the website to the unique campaign proposition related to one service such as a strategy for a criminal case or free evaluation of a case related to workplace injury. If you are an attorney interested to create a page for car accidents or workplace injuries, try to keep them separate. The more services you add, the more are the pages on the website.

Call to Action

When it comes to the design, it must facilitate the decision-making process of the clients. The more choices the clients face, the harder it is for them to arrive at the decision. For making the pages customer-centric, you have to reduce the choices. Furthermore, you have to restrict the attention ratio with limited offerings of photos, buttons, and links. While the attention ratio can be higher, the ratio of this page must be lower. However, the call to action is one of the first things the visitors notice on the website of a legal service provider making it a high priority aspect. Due to the low attention span of the clients, you must place the call to action in the upper half of the page making it easy to know what you are requesting them to do. The CTA must be distinctive when compared with the rest of the content on this page. Make sure the website design service is aware of the norms of CTA while rendering services to the lawyers and the firms offering legal services.

Socially Viable Page

There is no doubt that client reviews are important for lawyer websites. Statistics reveal that a little less than ninety percent of the clients depend on online reviews instead of personal recommendations and a little more than eighty percent look into the lawyer reviews online before hiring an attorney. Ideally, you must add client reviews about your firm on this page as it provides a boost to the validation potential of the company offering legal services to the clients. The law firm web design companies must adopt a similar approach for designing the websites of these firms.

Offer Value Added Services

For securing a conversion you have to offer something valuable to the clients. While the other industries offer several discounted services, the lawyers can evaluate cases for free, offer an informational brochure, or a flat fee service. The value you offer to the clients must address their legal issues.

Way to Convert Clients

The legal websites must chalk out a way to convert the visitors into clients much before building the design of the page. Try to find out the things that the visitors may feel interested to view and a convenient method of contacting the firm. Once you are through with the answers, you can go ahead with the design. To make the design of the page appealing and attractive, you have to anticipate the queries of the clients and keep the answers ready.

Length of the Landing Page

According to a study, a page contained about two thousand words although the effective world count range should be around five hundred. However, the word count depends on the goal of the business and the Customs Law Firm Website Design and law firm SEO services service must consider this factor. Whether it is to educate the clients, a contact form that they need to fill or want them to call you, fewer word count with the right focus enhances the designing aspects more effectively than incorporating too many words in it. Finally, when you build the page, you must include images and reviews keeping in mind your clientele. Just think about their queries and concerns and provide the right answers.

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