6 Dumbbells That Fitness Influencers Use for Great Arms


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The popularity of dumbbells brings into focus their versatile nature in terms of space, affordability and their ability to tone particular muscles in the body. At the same time, the use of two dumbbells eliminates the overindulgence in one-sided body or muscle exercise.

For great biceps, triceps and forearms, dumbbell fitness influencers focus mainly on improving and eventually toning the arm muscles completely for a muscular appearance. Additionally, they balance both arms by the simple but effective use of various types and sizes of dumbbells that are available. Dumbbell fitness for great arms could be simply broken down into the following exercises.


This exercise concentrates on growing the biceps, which bend the elbows and arms. The key is repetition and building the tension on the biceps. The same effect also occurs on the shoulder muscles and the forearms. Presses can be customized to meet the needs of the targeted muscle by alternating positions and intensity of the repetitions while considering the body support to avoid pain or burdening muscles too much. According to experts, press workouts need to be performed in the right way to avoid accidents and injuries. The use of the same and appropriate dumbbell weight is key to success. With workouts that focus on about 5 sets of 15 reps every other day, you are likely to succeed with ease.

Shoulder Press

Stronger shoulders support the arms in any activity. Thus, a well-exercised shoulder will offer enough support and provide effective functioning for the whole arm. Shoulder presses involve the lifting of both arms while holding dumbbells over and above the shoulders in a repetitive manner. The greater the number of reps, the better the effect. By the time a person is starting on shoulder presses, the arms are already prepared by the other workouts that we have discussed above. Therefore, the dumbbells feel light, and doing more reps is very easy.

Overhead Triceps Workouts

Pulling both arms up over your head while holding one or two dumbbells can be very effective. In addition to stretching the triceps muscles, these exercises also work the muscles on the shoulders. This assists in toning the back muscles as a result of stretching and contracting caused by the arm tension from holding the dumbbells. As you perform these workouts, you must remain consistent to get the intended results. This workout is achieved by lying on a comfortable bench and supporting your head and neck sufficiently. Using a padded head and neck support is ideal before you start the overhead triceps workouts. You can boost the workout by using enhancement gear from reliable sellers like https://steroid-universe.com/.

Lying Triceps Extensions

Triceps extensions have the ability to straighten arms. The key to doing this exercise is lying on one’s back while on a bench and using two dumbbells that are stretched outward as far as possible. This exercise works the triceps more distinctively since the other body parts are fully supported on the bench and exposes only the arms to the dumbbell stretches. These are likely to be the best exercises you can perform since they are easy yet effective. With lying triceps extensions, one can easily increase the weight of both dumbbells to improve the effect. Focusing on many short sets can yield even better results in the long run.

Over Kickbacks

Start by positioning yourself in a kneeling position with one arm offering support on a surface. The other arm should hold the dumbbell and go down to the ground level and back up to the waist. This also stretches and even builds the shoulders, biceps and triceps. The over kickbacks are considered to be one of the best dumbbell workouts for toning the arm muscles. Just like with the other workouts that target the arms, you need to increase the number of reps gradually. The best sequence is weekly although some people add reps after a few days of working out. For every session, make sure that the amount of exercise is substantial to yield results.

Bent Over

With a slight bend while holding two dumbbells, thrust upward towards the chest and backward toward the waist. This is another quick and effective way of building both the triceps and biceps in one go. It is advisable to start with lighter dumbbells and graduate to heavier dumbbells. If the workout does not yield enough results, you can increase the number of reps as well.


It is important to note that while the surest way to burn extra fat in your arms and entire body is through muscle training and an exercise routine, a healthy diet goes a long way in enhancing the effects of a good dumbbell exercise routine. So, grab your dumbbells and let’s go out to tone those muscles for that great look in 2019.

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